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The persuasion of grammar

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The persuasion of grammar

Persuasiveness of Grammar Warm Up When you wrote your persuasive speech, what grammatical choices did you make and why? Were sentences complete? Were they simple or compound? Did you use words of a specific part of speech frequently and why? Did you have a specific goal in mind when you made these choices? Explain! Since we are talking about grammar today, you are going to do a final review of the persuasive elements of the grammar in the speeches we have read this quarter. Let's start by looking at elements of grammar that repeat themselves. Consider completeness of sentences and complexity of sentence.

Talk to the people around you and come up with three grammatical choices that you saw recurring in the speeches we have read. Why, specifically, do you think our speakers all decided to make these grammatical choices? Good, there are many reasons that our speakers could have had for using the words, sentence completeness, and complexity of sentences that they did. For the next two classes, we will look into the choices they made and their impact. You will research their choices, analyze them and their persuasive nature, and teach each other about them. About these assessment questions.... I will be giving you retired questions that are used as online samples to follow. Write the question itself (everything before the choices) exactly as the samples are written. Here's what you should remember when you write your FOUR answer choices...

1. One choice has a to be the right answer
2. Another choice should be similar and close to the right answer but not right.
3. A third choice should be able to be eliminated as wrong upon reading. Not ridiculously wrong, just wrong.
4. The fourth choice should be easily determined as wrong. Objectives You will be randomly assigned a grammar topic. You. Your task will be to create a PREZI lesson that:
1. defines what your grammar topic is
2. gives examples of that topic from "Ain't I a Woman?", "Equal Rights for Women", and the persuasive speech that you wrote and explains why the examples are accurate
3. Explains the specific purpose that you feel the speaker had when using 1-2 of the examples.
4. Gives 1-2 incorrect examples of the topic with explanation of why they are incorrect. Think about examples that could be easily confused.
5. Create sample HSA questions that assess your classmates' understanding of your grammar topic at the end of the lesson. Why would I have you create the lessons, teach them, and create the assessment? Now, you may use pictures and videos to explain your topic, but it needs to be a lesson you can teach in approximately eight minutes. Your examples MUST come from the speeches we have used this quarter! You MUST explain the correct and incorrect examples. You can organize your choices in any order, but there must be four. One choice must be right. You need to be able to explain the right answer after your classmates go to answer it. You will be graded on the way you teach the lesson. You must teach it seriously. You must be able to explain your topic, examples, purpose of examples, and assessment questions, choices, and right answers clearly. You will have the remainder of class today and approximately 30 minutes next class to prepare your lesson.

You must have your assessment questions approved by me before you use them. You are working with 1-2 people around you. Closing Students will determine the grammatical classification of words by meaning and position, differentiate complete from incomplete sentences, combine sentence elements to link or contrast ideas, and students will expand sentences to accomplish a purpose. What grammar topic do you have? Define it and give an example from one of the speeches we have used this quarter. What purpose did the examples have in the speech (es)? Explain! Warm Up Closing Examine the following appositive phrase (in red) from "Equal Rights for Women":

"It has been observed before, that society for a long time, discriminated against another minority, the blacks, on the same basis - that they were different and inferior."

What purpose does the phrase serve in the sentence? Read the following excerpt from "Equal Rights for Women": More than half of the population of the United States is female. What does the red prepositional phrase add to the quote above? Explain!
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