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Paralympic Cross Country skiing


middle school

on 3 February 2010

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Transcript of Paralympic Cross Country skiing

Paralympic Cross Country skiing About Cross Country skiing: -It was first played in the first ever paralympic winter games, in 1972. -In this sport athletes compete against other athletes with the same disability. -Visually impaired skiers used the same equipment as able bodied skiers but they use a guide. -Skiers that are paraplegic use a special pair of skies that they can sit on a ride. -The Standing Skiers are locomotive and can use the same equipment that able bodied skiers can. How it works: -Classical technique uses classic skies and race along a machine groomed track in the snow. -Free technique uses shorter skies and goes a little faster. -The track sizes range from 2.5 to 20 kilometers. -The sport is not about who comes in first, but the amount of time it takes to complete the track. -Each skier starts every 30 seconds after the one before them, but that does not make a difference in who wins, because it is about the time it takes to finish. Some sport terms: -Athletes with a lower limb disability compete in a sitting class race. -Athletes that are in the sitting class race use a sit ski. -Athletes that compete in the Standing class race can race with either free or classical technique, these skiers have an amputation in either their leg or arm. -Visually impaired athletes use a guide when they race. -A Guide is an able bodied skier that skies in front of a visually impaired athlete; they tell the skier if there is a turn or corner coming up on the track. How the athletes train: -They need to put in 600 to 700 hours of training in a year. -There are different training programs for different Paralympic athletes. -Sit Skiers practice more with their arms and shoulders. -A standing class skier uses training programs for their whole body.
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