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Esperanza Rising

No description

stephanie shatt

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising
Esperanza: She is slightly snooty girl who is very close to her father, who was assassinated. Esperanza is also close to her grandmother who sprained her ankle in a house fire.
Written By: Pam M. Ryan
Esperanza, Papa, and Mama are a rich family who live in a vast ranch in Mexico. Leaving Esperanza and Mama in desperate need of a home, Papa gets murdered by bandits in the middle of a field. Tio Luis proposes to Mama and after rejected by her, he sets Mama and Esperanza's house on fire urging them to move to California. After moving to California, Esperanza finds it hard to adjust to her new lifestyle. When Esperanza meets a rotten girl named Marta, she immediately takes a dislike for her. Mama finds a job as a maid and delivers fruit and vegetables. Esperanza gets a job as a babysitter and wraps fruit and vegetables. Mama gets severely sick and
Miguel: One of the servants who work for Esperanza's father.
Mama: Esperanza's mother who moves to California to find hard-labor and raise money Abuelita.
Papa: Esperanza's father who is caring enough to give parts of his land to the servants, but was assassinated by bandits.
Tio Luis: A man that wanted to marry Mama after Papa was murdered.
Marta: A girl that Esperanza meets in California that starts strikes and causes many people to lose their jobs.
By: Omega McCree, Kaiya Moultrie, Reba Strand, Parker Taylor
I recommend this book to people who like reading adventurous and slightly dramatic books. This is perfect for kids in fourth through sixth grade. -Omega McCree
I recommend ... - Kaiya Moultrie
I recommend ... -Reba Strand
I recommend ... -Parker Taylor
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