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No description

Samira Leenders

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Baseball

1. What is Baseball?
2. History of Baseball
3. How to play?
4. Materials
5. Rules of Baseball
6. Types of players
7. In which countries is Baseball popular?
8. Sources
Types of Players
Rules of baseball
In which countries is baseball popular?
What is baseball?
History of baseball
How to play
Baseball was an olympic sport from 1992 till 2012
In the Netherlands we got the KNBSB

Abner Doubleday conceived baseball?!
The first baseball match was play on 19 June 1846

Every team got 10 players and a coach
You make points by running around on the bases
You need: special gloves,bats and balls.
In the field are plates
There are 9 players in the field
All players have their own clothes and tasks

You are out when you got 3 strikes
or a player catch it or there is a out recorded on bases
If the pitcher trows the ball and hits you, it's a dead ball
Baseball is one of the most played sports in the world
The Netherlands won the finals in 2011 from Cuba with 2-1
The Sources
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