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Business Model Canvas

BMC intro presentation

Tammy Hwang

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas
Thank You!
Tammy Hwang
Twitter: @tammyhwang
Intro to...
Business Model Canvas
Business Model: describes the rationale of how an organization
creates, delivers, and captures value…
Business Model Canvas: Let’s try one…
Navigating the Environment
Using the Business Model Canvas
Prototyping Your Model
Tips on how to use the BMC
- Use stickies... keep the ideas
- Use words AND
- Use
to explain and separate
- Don't fall in
with your first idea
- Tell a
with your canvas
out the business model often
What is the profile of your customer?
What do they look like?
How many of them?
Avoid thinking mass market!
Features and benefits of your business.
What is your core competency?
Avoid using "Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper" language
How will you deliver the value to your customers?
What are the mediums?
How will you reach them?
Distribution of your value?
How will you interact with your customer?
How personal/automatic is the relationship?
Think about the whole user experience.
How will you make money?
Multiple revenue streams?
Direct Sales vs Indirect Sales
The things you need in order to make your business "work"
What are you completely reliant on?
What makes your business "kick-ass"
Core Competencies
These activities work closely with Value Prop
People and Organizations you need to make your business work
They help you build your business
Could also be competition
Costs associated with doing business
How can you make this most efficient?
revenue - cost = profit
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