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Background Information

No description

Sydnee Herrling

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Background Information

Saving and Investing Project
Certificate of Deposit
Savings Bond
Interest Rate: 10%

Initial Amount: $2,250

Profit after one year: $225

Final Amount: $2,475
Pro & Cons for a CD
High interest Rates
Safe place to put money
Fixed predictable Return
Background Information
Career: Marriage and Family Therapist

Salary: $30,000 (starting)

Amount of money that goes into savings: $4,500 (15%)

Money ($4,500) goes to Certificate of Deposit (1/2) and a Savings Bond (1/2)

Short Term Savings goal: Vacation (1 year)
Interest Rate: .27%

Initial Amount: $2,250

Profit after one year: $607.5

Final Amount: $2,857.5

Inflation Risk
Limited Liquidity
Pros & Cons for a Savings Bond
Saving Automatically
End up with a safe investment
Penalties for Early Redemption
be careful in redeeming your bonds
Final Results
Start with: $4,500

Made: $832.5

End with: $5,332.5
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