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Short Story Unit

by Guy de Maupassant

Stacy Egan

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of Short Story Unit

The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connell
Gift of the Magi, O. Henry
The Necklace, Guy de Maupassant

The Necklace
She was one of those pretty and charming girls born, as though fate had blundered over her, into a family of artisans. She had no marriage portion, no expectations, no means of getting known, understood, loved, and wedded by a man of wealth and distinction; and she let herself be married off to a little clerk in the Ministry of Education. Her tastes were simple because she had never been able to afford any other, but she was as unhappy as though she had married beneath her; for women have no caste or class, their beauty, grace, and charm serving them for birth or family, their natural delicacy, their instinctive elegance, their nimbleness of wit, are their only mark of rank, and put the slum girl on a level with the highest lady in the land.
Gift of the Magi
The Open Door
She suffered endlessly, feeling herself born for every delicacy and luxury. She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains. All these things, of which other women of her class would not even have been aware, tormented and insulted her. The sight of the little Breton girl who came to do the work in her little house aroused heart-broken regrets and hopeless dreams in her mind. She imagined silent antechambers, heavy with Oriental tapestries, lit by torches in lofty bronze sockets, with two tall footmen in knee-breeches sleeping in large arm-chairs, overcome by the heavy warmth of the stove. She imagined vast saloons hung with antique silks, exquisite pieces of furniture supporting priceless ornaments, and small, charming, perfumed rooms, created just for little parties of intimate friends, men who were famous and sought after, whose homage roused every other woman's envious longings.
When she sat down for dinner at the round table covered with a three-days-old cloth, opposite her husband, who took the cover off the soup-tureen, exclaiming delightedly: "Aha! Scotch broth! What could be better?" she imagined delicate meals, gleaming silver, tapestries peopling the walls with folk of a past age and strange birds in faery forests; she imagined delicate food served in marvellous dishes, murmured gallantries, listened to with an inscrutable smile as one trifled with the rosy flesh of trout or wings of asparagus chicken.
What hints do these pictures give us about the setting, characters, and possible theme?
Gift of the Magi
instigate-to incite some action
scrutiny-close inspection
vestibule-small entrance hall
-attractive in a cheap, flashy way
coveted-wanted; longed for
appertaining-belonging to; part of something
Magi-the 3 wise men who brought the first Christmas gifts to Jesus
depreciate-lower the value of; belittle
necessitating-to make necessary
ravage-damage, destruct
cascade-something that happens in a series
faltered-to stand or walk unsteadily
unassuming-modest; not arrogant
tremendous-great amount
possessions-to own
mendicancy-begging; being very poor
prosperity-successful, thriving
quail- a bird
laboriously-requiring much work, exertion, or perseverance.
agile-nimble; quick and light in motion
"You've died your hair purple?" asked Jim, laboriously, as if he had not arrived at that
fact yet, even after the hardest mental labour.
Syn: Chintzy, phony,
privileges that
to members of the royal family.
He was in a car accident,
a cast and the use of a wheel chair.
The water
over the cliffs.
So now Della's beautiful hair fell about her, rippling and shining like a cascade of brown waters.
Once she
for a minute and stood still while a tear or two splashed on the worn red carpet.
"...the letters of "Dillingham" looked blurred, as though they were thinking seriously of contracting to a modest and
The giant spit up a
amount of bodies.
Cleaning this kitchen would be a
"...and her heart had simply craved and yearned over them without the least hope of
The door was surrounded by golden

"In the
below was a letter-box into which no letter would go..."
It is difficult to escape
if you get sick and do not have health insurance.
The wasted a lot of money during a former period of
when its possessor was being paid $3000 per week.
Jim stepped inside the door, as immovable as a setter at the scent of quail.
"You died your hair purple?" asked Jim,
, as if he had not arrived at that patent fact yet, even after the hardest mental labor.
prudence-caution; good judgment
chaste-undecorated; proper, neat
discreet-respecting privacy or maintaining silence about something of a delicate nature; careful
a British word for apartment or suite of rooms on one floor forming a residence
imputation of parsimony-suggestion of stinginess ($$)
The captain said we ought to shorten sail anyway, out of common
He wore a
black suit to the funeral.
Michelle was
about her best friend's crush.
They could afford to live in a
at $8 per week.
She bartered the price down, even as she blushed at the
imputation of parsimony
pier glass-a tall mirror, often full-length, intended to be set between windows.
He checked his appearance in the

The Necklace
-small in amount; meager
-can't be comforted; unhappy
-property or money brought by a bride's family to her husband on their marriage
the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried.
"He was relatively impoverished count who could provide little dowry for his daughters. "
automatic response; unlearned, natural instinct
A very poor person
She didn't have to think about what to do; her leg jumped up on instinct alone.
After losing his job and house, Henry became a pauper.
We soon gave up trying to swat away the insects that buzzed incessantly around our sweaty faces.
Without interruption; constantly
a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation.
The poor cat found itself in quite the predicament while he was eating his dinner.

He looked grimly at the scanty amount of food on his plate.
The men were disconsolate after they lost the championship game.
1. Exposition=
+ Characters

2. Inciting Incident=
First complication

3. Rising Action=Events that
build suspense

4. Climax=
Turning Point
; when everything changed

5. Falling Action=Events that happened after climax

6. Resolution=How it

A. Where?
B. When?
C. What time of year?
D. Who?
E. Why are they important to the story?
A.What is said or done to first build suspense?
A.At what point in the story did things take a dramatic turn?
A.What else happened to build suspense?

A. Include character reactions, etc.
A. What is the final conclusion you can draw about this story?
-Every member of the group is responsible for researching, discussing answers and typing a response to questions 1-6 in Microsoft word.
-First & Last Name
-Title: "The Open Door" Plot
-12 font [professional]
-double spaced
-Print to Labs/Media Center [email to segan@ypsd.us if the printers aren't available.]
-Blank side: VOCAB WORD
-Lines side:
example sentence
image representing meaning


Capable of being noticed; as if you can "feel" it...
“The impending storm felt palpable in the air.”
-real or actual; able to be touched
"Basketballs are tangible items."
-sudden and violent collapse; chaos
"The girls created quite the debacle in the lunch room."
-feelings of doubt or hesitation
"He had no scruples about eavesdropping"
-producing no result; hopeless
"His attempts to clean the floor were futile."
-interested or eager
"A group of zealous hunters were rewarded after a long day."
-A useful feature or facility in a building.
"Heating is regarded as a basic amenity."
-animal being hunted; prey
"The bird caught its quarry."
-accept; allow
"I condone free pizza for lunch on Fridays."
-lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement
"Sally was naive in thinking she wouldn't get in trouble for trashing the bathroom."
-friendly, easy to talk to
Jessi is my most affable friend.
-a grotesque carved animal figure projecting from the gutter of a building, typically acting as a spout to carry water clear of a wall.
"The biggest houses seemed to be protected by gargoyles."
-educated, well-traveled, polite person
"Sir James thought his travels and education made him a cosmopolite."
The Most Dangerous Game
Padlet Questions:

2nd hour:
Contest: http://padlet.com/segan1/oo5lmk75rcs

Summarize: http://padlet.com/segan1/schm5qkpygde
4th Hour:
CONTEST: http://padlet.com/segan1/s4z4hw70xe58

Summ: http://padlet.com/segan1/s4z4hw70xe58
5th Hour:
CONTEST: http://padlet.com/segan1/8u0g50d0q432

Summ: http://padlet.com/segan1/20jw080rgmps
6th Hour:

Summ: http://padlet.com/segan1/mhhhddq6qwrv
Quick Question!!!
Stop watching at 14:50
Research characters Rainsford and Zaroff at:
Write 1 perfect paragraph about one of the characters on padlet.
1. Sanger Rainsford/General Zaroff
Topic Sentence that pertains to the entire paragraph.
(discuss detail about Rainsford)
For example,
"text" pg#
evidence from the book to support why you gave that detail.)
(discuss one more thing that you found to be interesting about Rainsford.)
In conclusion,
Rainsford (clever thought/comment about his personality or role in the story)
Ex: Sanger Rainsford is a very _______ character in "The Most Dangerous Game."
Follow the paragraph answer plan below; be sure to write the following FIRST:
Read through the two
; write a paragraph examining your thoughts on one or more of the themes.

Answer Plan:

Topic Sentence (ex. The idea that____ is a/an___ concept.
First, (discuss where this theme was evident in the text.)
For example, on page # we see "text that shows what you were discussing")
To be honest, (a thought or opinion you have about the theme).
In conclusion, (clever comment connecting the theme to the story TMDG)
IF your Chomebook # is
IF your Chromebook # is
Read through the two
; write a perfect paragraph discussing your thoughts on one or more of the motifs.

Topic Sentence (ex. The idea that____ is a/an___ concept.
First, (discuss where this motif was evident in the text.)
For example, (on page # we see "text that shows what you were discussing")
To be honest, (a thought or opinion you have about the motif).
In conclusion, (clever comment relating the motif to the story TMDG)
(#even) Read through the two
; write a perfect paragraph discussing your thoughts on one of the symbols.

Topic Sentence (ex. The idea that____ is a/an___ concept.
First, (discuss where this symbol was evident in the text.)
For example, (on page # we see "text that shows what you were discussing")
To be honest, (a thought or opinion you have about the symbol).
In conclusion, (clever comment relating the symbol to the story TMDG)
In a perfect paragraph, respond to someone else's thoughts on either a motif or a symbol (respond to something you DIDN'T read about).
@person you're responding to
I found your comment "quote from their paragraph" to be (your opinion.)
First, I agree/disagree about ....
Furthermore, (clarify, or give an example that pertains to previous statement)
Also, (another creative thought/comment)
In conclusion, your response about _____ was very ______.
Padlet Sites:

2nd Hour:
4th Hour:
5th Hour:
6th Hour:
First Last Name; TOPIC
First Last Name; THEME

First Last Name; SYMBOL

First Last Name; MOTIF
Review this Comic:
Short Story Unit

"TMDG Film Assignment"
1. Label the front:
"TMDG Film vs. Text"
-Must have 20 differences
2. Label the back:
"TMDG Descriptive Writing"
TMDG Film vs. Text
TMDG Descriptive Writing
TMDG Review
1. Define 'protagonist'
character who doesn't change at all during the story
main character
character who goes directly against the main character
character who develops during the story
2. In which sea has Connell set Ship-Trap island?
The Red Sea
The Caribbean Sea
The Norwegian Sea
The Irish Sea
3. Which of the following is a simile?
A. Sleeping like a log
B. Big as a house
C. Charcoal eyes
D. A and B
4. Which of the following is a metaphor:
A. I'm still a beast at bay
B. Light as a feather
C. Strong as an ox
D. The wind laughed at our ruined picnic
5. Define 'antagonist'
character who doesn't change at all during the story
main character
character who goes directly against the main character
character who develops during the story

6. What is suspense?
A. The most turning point in the story
B. Events that make the reader want to read on
C. Events that create tension and uncertainty
D. Both B and C
7. The main idea or concept in a story is called:
A. Climax
B. Mood
C. Tone
D. Theme
8. Zaroff congratulates Rainsford on making a certain trap, because not many people know how to make a:
A. Burmese Tiger Pit
B. Malay Man Catcher
C. Sling-shot Tree Knife
D. Moroccan Man Killer
9. The fact that Zaroff tells Rainsford that moccasins leave a poorer trail indirectly characterizes Zaroff as being:
A. Compassionate/Caring
B. Adventurous/Competitive
C. Aggressive/Angry
D. Caring/Concerned
10. Through Rainsford's actions during the hunt, he can be characterized as:
A. Panicky
B. Physically fit
C. Humorous
D. Naive
1. Log on to your school gmail.com account.
2. Go to prezi.com and create an account.

3. Create a ven-diagram in prezi comparing TMDG film to the text.
5 details in each section (15 total)
i. 5 details that were found ONLY in the film; support with
ii. 5 details that were found ONLY in the text; support with
iii. 5 details that remained consistent in both versions of the story; support with

4. Email me the link to your completed prezi: segan@ypsd.us
1. There were more than 3 characters on Rainsford's yacht.
1. The inciting incident was when Rainsford lost his balance and fell off of the yacht.
1. Rainsford was on his way to Rio to hunt jaguar.
The Gift of the Magi
Oct. 13, 2014
1. Go to your hour's padlet.

2. Choose one of the 10 anticipation statements, and correctly quote it. ex: "The best gifts are the ones that cost a lot of money."
3. Take a stance and support your opinion. ex: "I agree with this statement, because ....."

4. Read and Respond to a classmate.
[YOUR NAME @Classmate]
5. Visit this website and read the first 8 paragraphs.
*Click on high-lighted words to get an explanation
6. Go to your hour's Google Classroom
( found on seganypsd.weebly.com ) and complete the
Introduction Quiz
Go to seganypsd.weebly.com

find the link for '9th Grade Journals'
Read Journal #8 and complete it IN YOUR JOURNAL.
2nd: http://padlet.com/segan1/vjgd3zk9s2xc

4th: http://padlet.com/segan1/bypzg2z8tk4n

5th: http://padlet.com/segan1/kqj8oj27ul60

6th: http://padlet.com/segan1/w52l0qoqjksm
1. What is a "gift of the Magi"?
a. A chain for his watch, combs for her hair
b. One of sacrifice and true love
c. Money
d. Gold, jewels, wealth
2. Della's decision to cut her hair is provoked by:
a. Her own financial desperation
b. Mme. Sofronie's repeated telephone calls
c. A casual remark that Jim makes about her hair
d. A picture of a Coney Island chorus girl

3. Which of the following refers to an IRONIC SITUATION?
a. Della only has $1.87
b. The Yong's have a lower weekly income then they used to have
c. Della doesn't have a use for the gift Jim gives her
d. Jim arrives home on time, despite heavy traffic
4. Jim's expression upon seeing Della's cut hair indicates that he:
a. Is angry with her
b. Is thinking about his present for her
c. Cannot see clearly without his glasses
d. Wants the money from the sale of her hair.
5. The situation that best illustrates the Dillingham's financial state is:
a. The gifts Jim and Della buy for each other
b. Della's dealing with the grocer and butcher
c. The kind of city they live in
d. The couple's evening greeting to each other

6. Which of the following is
a theme of this story?
a. Love
b. Wealth
c. Jealousy
d. Sacrifice
7. "...hair fell about her rippling and shining like a cascade of brown waters."
a. simile
b. metaphor
c. allusion
d. conflict
8. "The next two hours tripped by on rosy wings."
a. simile
b. metaphor
c. allusion
d. conflict

9. " ...[her hair] reached below her knee and made itself almost a garment for her."
a. simile
b. allusion
c. personification
d. irony
10. "And now, they [combs] were hers. But the tresses that should have adorned the coveted adornments were gone."
a. simile
b. situational irony
c. allusion
d. metaphor
11. "$1.87. That was all."
a. simile
b. conflict
c. metaphor
d. allusion
The Necklace
Read the anticipation statements; choose 1 statement that you feel strongly about.
1. Lying is acceptable in some situations.
2. Money can buy happiness.
3. Wanting more than you have is selfish.
4. What other people think of you is important.
5. The grass really is sometimes greener on the other side.
6. You are entitled to some things in life.
Anticipation Statements
The Necklace
Test Review
1. Describe Mathilde's reaction on reading the invitation:
A. delighted
B. annoyed
C. sad
D. curious
2. What efforts were NOT made to find the necklace?
A. put an ad on the radio
B. go to the police station
C. go to the cab company
D. contact newspaper office to offer reward
3. What was Mme. Forestier's reaction when she saw Mathilde and figured out who she was?
A. crying
B. shocked
C. angry
D. very happy
4. Whose point of view is the story told from?
A. Mr. Loisel
B. Mme. Loisel
C. 1st Person
D. 3rd Person
5. What is the mood of the story?
A. anger then joy
B. excitement and happiness
C. gloom and nervousness
6. What can we conclude about Mathilde?
A. she is a kind and caring person
B. she pretends to be someone she's not
C. she likes plain things
D. she feels like she has all she needs in life
7. M. Loisel can be characterized as all but the following:
A. an enabler
B. caring
C. selfish
D. supporting
8. Madame Loisel is married to a(n):
A. ambassador
B. minor civil servant
C. laborer
D. aristrocrat
9. Dispirited and unhappy are synonyms for:
A. vexation
B. disconsolate
C. scanty
D. incessantly
10. What type of conflict: M. Loisel works hard but is only middle class:
A. man vs. man
B. man vs. society
C. man vs. self
D. man vs. nature
11. What type of conflict: Mme. Loisel battles her feelings of envy towards rich people.
A. man vs. society
B. Man vs. man
C. Man vs. self
D. Man vs. Nature
12. What is the climax of the plot?
A. Mme. Loisel borrows the necklace
B. Mme. Loisel discovers the necklace is missing
C. Mme. Loisel gets invited to a party
D. Mme. Loisel told that the necklace is fake
Extra Materials:
Journal #2
What do you think is the MOST DANGEROUS animal to hunt?
Answer Plan:
Topic Sentence:
I believe that the ____ is the most dangerous animal to hunt.
Support #1:

First, __
___ has
(dangerous characteristic/quality)
Support #2:
Explain how the previous quality would make it dangerous to hunt.)
Support #3:
(explain 1 more quality that would make this animal a danger)
Conclusion Sentence:
In conclusion,
(using DIFFERENT WORDS, re-explain your main point about this animal.)
Journal #3: MOOD
After viewing the introduction to "The Most Dangeous Game," record your observations.
Answer Plan:
While viewing the introduction to "The Most Dangerous Game," I felt _______.
First, I saw _______, which created a _____ effect.
Furthermore, when I noticed ______, it made me think of _____.
Last, I heard ______, which created a _______ feeling.
In conclusion, I predict that this story will be ______.
Journal #4: Reactions
Discuss your first impression of General Zaroff during the reading of "The Most Dangerous Game."
So far, I think General Zaroff is _____.
First, ___(one thing that you noticed/liked/were suprised about, found to be disturbing, etc.) ___.
For example, ___(continue describing the first thing you discussed)___.
Also, ____(another thing you noticed/liked/were suprised about) ____.
In conclusion, I believe that General Zaroff will be ____(NEW adjective/phrase)__.
"Those lights indicate a channel where there is none..."
Where sailors
they're going...
Where sailors
Journal #5
Write a PERFECT PARAGRAPH reflecting on "The Most Dangerous Game."
*Include each of the 4 types of nouns, and identify them as follows: Proper, Collective,
I thought that "The Most Dangerous Game," was
First, I was
____(opinion on anything from the story)___.
Furthermore, I thought
________(opinion on anything from the story)___.
Last, I felt that the resolution of the story was
In conclusion,
___(say something clever about "The Most Dangerous Game.")
Fob Chain
The chain that attaches to a pocket watch.
She needed a new
fob chain
for her father's pocketwatch.
Write a paragraph:
"I think that "The Gift of the Magi" will be about...
First, I saw ____, which made me think ____.
Also, I noticed _____, which could mean___
Last, I recognized _____, meaning _____.
In conclusion, this story will probably be about _____.
Journal #6: Compare this clip to "The Gift of the Magi"
Answer Plan:
The Bert and Ernie clip is similar to the short story "The Gift of the Magi".
First, both stories included _(address the characters)_.
Next, the setting __(address similarities in the setting)__.
Furthermore, the theme of both stories _(address the theme or main message)_.
In conclusion, both the Bert and Ernie clip and "The Gift of the Magi" are ________(adjective/clever phrase)___.
Short Story Unit
Big Ideas:
chance rules
chasing after status and wealth
true wisdom
value of material possessions
status for sale
Essential Questions:
Seven Human emotions:
How do my emotions and wants/needs make me vulnerable?
How do I read to gain skills, knowledge and wisdom?
What do I need to learn in high school to be prepared for college or work?
What generalizations or principles have I discovered about my own reading?
How do I learn best?
How do my skills and talents define who I am?
Short Story Questions:
How do I approach reading a short story?
What terms do I need to understand to help me comprehend a short story?
What relationshiops exist among these stories?
What techniques do the authors use to keep the reader interested?
How does each character's perceptions of what is valuable change?
What common lessons does each main character learn?
What connections can I make between the story and my own life?
How are the characters' strengths and weaknesses alike or difference from my own strengths and weaknesses?
shabby; dismal.
(Origin of 'dingy')
My whites were dingy before I used the Clorox Bleach!
syn: nimble; sprightly
She looked
as she jumped from rock to rock.
syn: falls; downrush; waterfall
syn: careful; considerate
The rust
the value of the car.
syn: lower; lessen
syn: watch chain
syn: apartment; home
syn: judgement; wisdom
syn: simple, clean
The costume jewelry was
syn: ruin, wreck,
The hurricane
the state.
syn: urge; provoke
My brother loves to
fights between our siblings.
syn: mirror; looking glass
syn: poorness; destitution
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