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The 6 Kingdoms of Living Things

A review of the key characteristics that make each Kingdom unique.

Mrs. J. Deacon

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The 6 Kingdoms of Living Things

The 6 Kingdoms of Living Things Archaea Single-celled, Prokaryotic,
Typically live in Extreme Environments Bacteria Single-celled, Prokaryotic,
typically live in Moderate Environments Eukarya Single or Multi-celled, Eukaryotic
Divided into 4 Kingdoms... The 3 Domains are ... Multi-cellular, Heterotrophic,
Movement is possible,
Includes ~30 phyla
(only one of which contains vertebrates) Animalia Multi-cellular, Autotrophs,
Cell Walls contain cellulose Plantae Mostly multi-cellular, decomposers,
cell walls contain chitin Fungi Plant-like - single-celled, Autotrophs

Fungi-like - single-celled but can act multi-celled, Heterotrophs

Animal-like (Protozoa) - single-celled, Heterotrophs, Grouped into 4 phyla based on mode of locomotion Protista
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