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Sure Signs of Crazy

No description

Jane Bregenzer

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Sure Signs of Crazy

Writers Tricks
Writer’s Trick: Hyperbole Citation: (Harrington 155)
Sentence: I read for what felt like a million and a half years.
Text to TEXT connection: In this book the main character’s mom is crazy and in another book I read called
So B. It
and it is about a girl who her mom is also crazy so it is like this book.
Zesty Words
WHEN- Present time.
WHERE- Her neighborhood.
Sure Signs of Crazy
By Karen Harrington

Writer’s Trick: Alliteration Citation: (Harrington 181)
Sentence: I am remembering now, putting the puzzle pieces in.
Text to SELF connection: In this book she has a babysitter and I used to have a babysitter when I was little.
Text to WORLD connection: There is a crazy person in the book, and there is a bunch of crazy people including Jane Sarah from a book I read.
Wild or depraved
Escape or avoid
Restore health
Touched or felt
Thumbs up and Thumbs down
Thumbs in the middle, this book has some ups and some downs. The writing was kind of confusing, it would be in the middle of a chapter and change the setting without a mark or anything. But it was a really good book once you read it over.
Protagonist and Antagonist
Antagonist: Her mother; Well Sarah gets letters from her mom that makes Sarah think she is going crazy. Everything that Sarah does wrong she thinks she is getting a little more crazier. Whenever she gets a letter she freaks out a little more and gets scared that she is gonna become crazy.
Protagonist: Sarah; Sarah thinks she is going crazy because her mom is. Sarah has to do a lot of things for herself because sometimes her dad is hung over. Sarah is kind of spunky she kind of has a lot of bad girl thoughts.
Rising Action and Climax
Rising Action: She knows her dad is an alcoholic and so does her grandma. Her grandma wants to help him by taking him to a mental hospital. Sarah does not know what to do so she talks to grandma.
Climax: Sarah realizes that her mom is already gone and she does not want another one of her parents gone. She also wants to stay with her grandma so she does not have to do the family tree project. She decides she does not want people to think she is an orphan and she loves her dad, so she goes with him.
Falling Action and Conclusion
Falling Action: Her grandma made her dad promise that he will also help Sarah with girl stuff. He will help her with homework whenever she needs. He will give his time instead of drinking to do stuff with Sarah.
Conclusion: Her dad takes time to hang out with Sarah and gets to know what she likes better. He also took her out to breakfast one day before he had to go to work. Sarah ended up having a great summer and her dad stopped drinking for good.
Some things might be challenging but that is part of life so get on with it.

Writer’s Trick: Hyphenated Modifier Citation: (Harrington 152)
Sentence: He was wearing his best plaid button-down shirt.
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