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No description

gs students

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Atlas

Atlas the Titan
The war was a long war and raged on for a long time. After a while the Olympians won and the Titans were dead or punished.
Zeus's Special punishment
Zeus himself had made a special punishment for Atlas, he made Atlas hold the Heavens forever.
Alternate story
An alternate telling of the story shows that after Atlas was told to hold the Heavens that Perseus, the man that killed Medusa, took Medusa's head, and put Atlas to rest in stone, and become the Atlas mountains.
That is the story of Atlas the Titan
Do you believe it, or do you think it is a work of fiction?
Atlas the Titan God of Endurance and Astronomy
Atlas was one of many greek Titans that served in the Titan God war of Greece called Titanomachy.
The Atlas Mountains
The highest point on the Atlas mountains is over 13,671 ft. high, and it streches for over 1,600 miles!
The Titan God of Astronomy and Endurance
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