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Sunrise Smoothie Shop

No description

Hannah Nicholson

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Sunrise Smoothie Shop

Sunrise Smoothie Shop MENU

Mango Banana Smoothie $3.50
Coconut Smoothie $3.00
Papaya Smoothie $3.00
Star Fruit Pomegranate Smoothie $3.50
Mango Coconut Smoothie $3.50
Tropical Smoothie $4.00
Passion Fruit Smoothie $3.00
Sea Grape Tamarind Smoothie $3.50
Mango Lime Smoothie $3.50


Coconut Milk $2.00
Coconut Water $2.00
Water $1.00
Banana Punch $3.00


Fresh Fruit Bowl $4.00
Whole Fruit $3.00
with your choice of any fruit Natural Resources in St. John

Star Fruit
Passion Fruit
Sea Grape

Other Resources:
Sugar Cane

Milk is found on the island of St. John.
There are many dairies on the island. Supplies:
2 Blenders
Paper Cups
Paper Towels
1 Trash Can
3 Tables
6 Chairs
3 Umbrellas
1 Freezer
1 Refrigerator

Custom Made T-Shirts
with logo
Sandals Human Capital:

We will need 5 employees.
They will alternate work days for
seven days. We open at sunrise and close at
3:30. There will be a morning and afternoon
We will need to fill only one job. That would
be making smoothies.
Our employees will be paid $8.00 per hour.
We will offer training to our employees and
We are the top position. We are responsible for
paying our employees, buying supplies, watching
our employees, and of course making smoothies! Competition:
We have researched that there is not any
competition, but we will offer coupons to the
surrounding hotels. We also make our smoohies
fresh every day when you order them. MAP Layout of Shop Smoothie Kitchen Door Order Here Refrigerator and Freezer Order Here Table Helping the Economy The unemployment rate in Saint John is 6.2%. We could maybe lower that amount with our Smoothie Shop. There are many tourists there so we can help bring in lots
of money. Our Product Target Audience

Our target audience is
tourists. All people love smoothies! SMOOTHIES! MALES FEMALES CHILDREN SENIORS Physical Capital We will need to purchase items.
These include:

1 Refrigerator
1 Freezer
3 Tables
6 Chairs
2 Blenders Risks!!

We will end up risking our
time, money, ideas, and energy to
start our smoothie shop. We
believe our business will be a success.
We will also risk the idea of other
shops over-ruling us, but we will have
tried. We believe we will succeed because
we have done in all of our power to do so.
We all have to take risks and we believe
we will crush this one!! Government

Saint John is part of the Virgin Islands, and the Virgin Islands are part of the U.S. Therefore, Barrack Obama is the distant leader of St. John. He was elected for his first
term in 2008, and he was re-elected in 2012. St. John has its own leader though. Her name is Governmment

St. John is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
They are part of the United States of America.
The U.S. leader is Barrack Obama. He is the president,
also known as the chief of state. He also is chief executive.
He makes decisions for the country with the help and evidence from Congress and The House of Representatives. He approves laws, is head of the army,
and he also acts as a person who talks to the nation in times of crisis or in times of celebration. Barrack Obama
was elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012.

The Virgin Islands are part of the U.S.,
so they have a mixed economy. A mixed economy is in between a command and market economy. The U.S. is mostly a market economy which means the people decide what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce. The government has little influence. This is very helpful for us because it will be easier to start our business. We do not have to consider import or export restrictions because we will not need to import or export any items from or to another country. We do not have to worry about trading currencies between countries because St. John is part of the U.S., and we live in the U.S. right now!! We will have to take risks when we open Sunrise Smoothie Shop. As enterpernuers, we will be risking our time, money, and ideas to start our business because we believe in our shop. All enterpernuers have to do this to be able to provide jobs and give the public what they want. We will not encounter any trade barriers because we have reseached that we can find everything we need on the island and in the sates. Risks Our business does not encourage
trade between countries besides
the United States that we are a part
of. This means we will have no
restrictions. It will not be a trade
between a different country so we
really don't encourage it. NAFTA is
not a factor in our business because we
are not trading outside the country. on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands www.wikipedia.com www.actionebook.com www.paradiseintheworld.com
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