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Orientation Prezi

(adri is playing around with this)

Erin Day

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Orientation Prezi

Jennifer Porras
jporras@unt.edu Accreditation by ACEJMC
A liberal arts education
Faculty members with both professional experience and academic credentials
Majors in News, Strategic Communications, Journalism teacher certification
Sports Journalism certificate
Professional development
Student media and internships
Skills classes (small class sizes, about 18-20 per section) Reporter
Copy editor
Videotape editor Introductions Mayborn School of Journalism News Erin Day
eday@unt.edu GAB 107
(940) 565-3365
Twitter: @MaybornSchool
Facebook: facebook.com/MaybornSchool Strategic Communications Public Relations Advertising Media relations & publicity
Employee or member relations
Public affairs & government
Community relations
Consumer relations & marketing
communications Account management
Media/engagement planning
Account planning
Client-side Careers Outside "Journalism" Book publisher
Market & survey researcher
Demonstrator and product promoter
Sales representative
Technical writer
Youth sports photographer Navy SEAL
Video biographer (create videos of family history)
Wedding, portrait photographer
Web content designer
Blogger Sample Jobs of Recent Graduates Public Relations Consultant, Texas State Historical Association
Account Executive, Open Channels Group
Marketing Coordinator, Texas Motor Speedway
Communications Consultant, Allstate Insurance Co.
Advertising Contractor, Southwest Airlines
Assistant Account Executive for McCom, Moroch
Marketing Production Manager, BerylHealth
County Reporter, Williamson County Sun
Freelance Journalist, Community Impact Newspaper
Freelance Photojournalist, The Dallas Observer
Photojournalist/Media Intern, Action Africa Help International
Associate Producer/Weekend Assignment Editor, NBC5 KXAS
Sports Talkshow Host, CBS Radio Complete Name/ID
College/School: SOJ
Degree: BA
Major: PJUR (division: SCOM/NEWS)
Minor: list if known Advising Record As we review requirements: List courses you plan on adding to your fall schedule
List alternate courses as back-ups
Have an advisor verify selections & sign
Receive advising code "Shore" on the Core The Mayborn School of Journalism is not affiliated with MTV or the cast of "Jersey Shore". The images and references on this slide are used for educational purposes only. Hey, we're just trying to be funny! Review UNT Core Requirements English Composition College Level Math -- MATH 1680/1681 Natural Sciences Visual & Performing Arts Humanities United States History Political Science Social & Behavioral Science -- JOUR 1210 Discovery Capstone -- JOUR 4470 or 4620 2 Courses 2 Courses 2 Courses 2 Courses 1 Course 1 Course 1 Course 2 Courses 1 Course 1 Course 1 Course 6 Hours 3-4 Hours 6-8 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours 3 Hours Academic guidebook pages 6-10 2.5 UNT GPA
MATH 1680 Elementary Prob. & Stats or MATH 1681 Stats w/Algebra Review (will depend on TSI, former math courses and placement)
ENGL 1310 English Composition 1 or equiv.
ENGL 1320 English Composition 2 or equiv.
Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (GSP) Exam Pre-Major Requirements Pre-Major
Courses Foreign Language/
Science Core Your story starts here. Basic skills test
Writing Lab, Auditorium 105
Deadline Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Exam GAB AUDB JOUR 1210 Mass Communication & Society
JOUR 2310 Intro to Media Writing
(ENGL Comp 1 & 2, GSP)
JOUR 2200 Applied Design for Journalists
(JOUR 1210, GSP)
JOUR: one based one major
2330 Intro to Visual Communications (GSP)
2010 Principles of Ad
2420 Principles of PR
2.5 JOUR GPA Pre-Major Requirements Courses in red have prerequisites listed in parentheses Society of Professional Journalists
UNT Ad Club: American Advertising Federation
Public Relations Student Society of America
National Press Photographers Association
National Association of Black Journalists
National Association of Hispanic Journalists
REAL Community
Kappa Tau Alpha Internships Beyond the Classroom cont. KXAS-TV (Channel 5), Fort Worth
American Airlines
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Publicis Advertising
TracyLocke Advertising
Austin American Statesman
The Dallas Morning News Student Use of Media Beyond the Classroom cont. NT Daily and NTDaily.com
NT Daily TV on Denton Community Television
Denton Live magazine
student run Advertising and PR agency Advising Record (semester class list)
Guidebook (university core, registration instructions and campus map)
Catalog (includes course descriptions and requirements)
Academic Information Packet (includes pre-major information) Scheduling Classes Advising Tip: Learn your Student ID Register for Courses -- GAB 330
Pay for Courses -- online or Student Accounting (ESSC)
Check out -- See you in August! Next on the Agenda Beyond the Classroom Student Organizations 3 Hours 3 Hours Follow us on Twitter: @MaybornSchool
journalism.unt.edu Review School Requirements Core Area Classes Hours Elementary Probability & Statistics --
MATH 1680/1681 1 Course 2 Courses 3 Hours 6-8 Hours Foreign Language Remember MATH 1680 or 1681 may double-dip and cover the Mayborn School of Journalism requirement and the University of North Texas core requirement. Mayborn Mixer: September 6th 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. GAB Monique Scales
monique.scales@unt.edu Snooki says, "Ya know, I worry about my English.
What grade do I need in da Composition?" "Hey Pauly, how does 1680 + 1 = 4?" "The Situation heah! How many of you's guys
need to take a weight-lifting course for da core?" "So, ya know, I'm trying to attract a guy, a real guy.
Can someone tell me how AP and dual credit will
count towards a college degree?"
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