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What happened in the world this summer?

No description

Virginie GRUNDY

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of What happened in the world this summer?

What happened in the world this summer?
Listen to the news and match the headline to its corresponding audio extract:

a) Froome wins Tour de France

b) Massive explosions in Tianjin

c) Greeks vote OXI

d) Uggie dies at 13

e) Cecil the Lion killed

f) California wild fires






In which audio did you hear them? Place your bets and then check by listening again.
Many other things happened this summer. Choose one of them and be ready to give your news to the class (be brief, no notes allowed)
(see worksheet)
Listen to the news and match each headline with its corresponding audio extract.
July 26th
July 1st
July 5th
August 7th
August 12th
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