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Formal Invitation

No description

Fendy Wahyuddi

on 28 December 2015

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Transcript of Formal Invitation

Formal Invitation
Definition of formal invitation
Expression of formal invitation
Example dialogue of formal invitation
How to write formal invitation

Definition of formal invitation
Invitation which is used in official context or for formal purpose in formal event.

Expression of formal invitation
Offering an invitation
I would like you to come to…
I wonder if you would like to…
Would you like to…
I would like to invite you to…
Would you mind coming to…
Accepting an invitation
Thank you very much, I would be glad to …
Yes, thank you. I would be happy to…
Well, I would like to…
Yes, I would love to...
All right, it is a pleasure.
Presented by:
Fendy Wahyuddin
Herlin Aniko
Vena Agustin
How to write formal invitation
Place the organization or host’s logo or graphic at the top of the invitation.
The host’s full name should be used on the invitation, without honorifics (Dr./ Mr./ Mrs.).
Extend the invitation.
Provide information about the event.
State the purpose of the event.
Provide the date of the event.
Write the time of the event in full.
Provide the location of the event and its street address.
Provide special instructions, if any.
Well. I would like to, but I am afraid I am busy today.
Thank you for inviting me. Unfortunately, I should go somewhere
Actually, I would like to, but I am not sure I have time.
Example dialogue of formal invitation
Greg : Good morning, Lisa.
Lisa : Good morning, Greg.
Greg : How have you been doing?
Lisa : I have been teaching at SMA Muhammadiyah since two years ago. How about you?
Greg : I am going to get married tomorrow, so would you like to come to my marriage party tomorrow night?
Greg : Thank you, Lisa.
Lisa : Well, I would like to come there. It is a good news, Greg.
Lisa : my pleasure, Greg.

Actually, we can easily identify a formal invitation through expressions and of course, you also have to know an informal invitation.
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