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abir hassan

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Midsummer

Meet the Couples <3 Hermia and Lysander. Helena and Demetrius . Theseus and Hippolyta. Oberon and Titania. "The course of true love never did run smooth," Act 1, Scene 1, Line 132
This quote suggests that love really is an obstacle course that turns us all crazy. "I wooed thee with my sword
And won thy love doing thee injuries."
Act 1, Scene 1, Line 15. The relationship between Theseus and Hippolyta symbolizes ideal, mature love, and differs from other lovers’ relationships. I believe this song can connect to Theseus and Hippolyta's love in a way that they were both once enemies but are deeply in love at the same time. "You draw me, you hard-hearted adamant.
But yet you draw not iron,
for my heart is true as steel."
Act 2, Scene 1, Line 180. The love Helena has for Demetrius is very strong. True love is meant to be given and returned by two people, which is not the situation with these two lovers. Helena is extremely in lust with Demetrius, while his heart belongs to Hermia. Helena is envious of his love for Hermia, which even leads her to betray her closest friend. This shows this is not true love because it's out of jealously and selfishness, which love is not. The love Helena has is immature and will eventually fade away. At this point the two of them would not work out because they don't truly love each other. "I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again.
Mine ear is much enamored of thy note.
So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape.
And thy fair virtue’s force perforce doth move me
On the first view to say, to swear, I love thee."
Act 3, Scene 1, Line 65. Titania loves bottom. It is obvious from this quote that she is wild about him and speaks about him as if he put the moon in the sky. Bottom is clueless and naive. He takes advantage of Titania's love for him, becoming very selfish and uncaring. He does not understand what is going on and definitely doesn't love Titania back. Realistically, Tiaiania does not love Bottom. She was put under a spell that forces her to fall in love with him. Although her actions demonstrate true love and her words seem sincere, since she isn't in her right mind. This is not true love and even if Titania were to stay under the spell, they would never last. Their love is merely a joke, put on by Titania's husband, Oberon, for entertainment and to steal the orphan boy. "My good Lysander!
I swear to thee by Cupid’s strongest bow,
By his best arrow with the golden head,
By the simplicity of Venus' doves,
By that which knitteth souls and prospers loves,
And by that fire which burned the Carthage queen When the false Troyan under sail was seen,
By all the vows that ever men have broke(In number more than ever women spoke),
In that same place thou hast appointed me,
Tomorrow truly will I meet with thee."
Act 1, Scene 1, Line 170-175 Hermia and Lysander have the most powerful love out of all the couples in the play. They present all the traits of true love. Their love is still fresh, so there is lots of lust and seems much more optimistic than older pairs. They trust each other greatly and are so in love they are eager to meet in the forest and run away together, leaving their families behind. They are entirely devoted only to each other. I think their greatest element is their trust in one another; they don't doubt their love. When Lysander is put under a spell, making him not love Hermia any longer, it doesn't alter her love for him and she fights for him to come back to her. They are a very keen couple and even though the lust may fade over time, their love will always run strong. I think this song can relate to Hermia and Lysander in a way that Hermia is not complete without Lysander. In this song they say "And in time I know that we'll both see that we'll all we need" which symbolizes Hermia and Lysander's because they are so willing to run away and leave there family, this shows, that all they need is each other. They also say "And you're the one I want to marry" which also symbolizes them because they crucially want to get married they had to go to the extent of running away in order to do so, it also reminds me of how Hermia want to marry Lysander instead of Demetrius. Donkey singing to represent Bottom singing. "Sound, music!
—Come, my queen, take hands with me,
And rock the ground whereon these sleepers be."
Act 4, Scene 1, Line 70 In the play A Midsummer Night Dream true love is a very complex aspect. In this play there are four couples, one in which is already married: Titania and Oberon, Helena and Demetrius, Hermia and Lysander, and Theseus and Hippolyta. A Midsummer Night Dream The dominant theme in A Midsummer Night Dream is love. A Midsummer Night Dream explores the nature of true love at it's deepest. Shakespeare explains how people have a tendency to fall in love with those who are attractive. People we think we love at one occasion in our lives can later appear not only unappealing but even repulsive. For a time, this attraction to good looks might appear to be love at its most extreme, but one of the ideas of the play is that real love is much more than physical charm. Oberon and Titania have a dedicated love to each other. They both have their differences but they always seem to get through it. They have very childish arguments about immature things which makes you question their happiness. Oberon gets very envious when Titania starts giving an orphan Indian boy more attention. His jealousy is an indicator that there is lack of trust in the relationship and the fact that he is willing to lose hr over an argument about a boy proves they don't have true love. Although they always come back to each other and apologize, this shows forgiveness and love. I used two kids playing to represent a childish love that is evident between Oberon and Titania. "So should the murder'd look, and so should I,
Pierced through the heart with your stern cruelty.
Yet you, the murderer,
look as bright, as clear,
As yonder Venus in her glimmering sphere."
Act 3, Scene 2, Line 60 This quote shows Demetrius's love for Hermia. Even though Hermia gives him no love in return and is continuously mean to him, he does not abandon her. Demetrius once loved Helena and then decided unexpectedly he loved Hermia. Hermia's father, Egues, loves Demetrius and requests he marry his daughter. Hermia hate Demetrius for one reason that is because it means she can't be with the person she really loves, Lysander. The love Demetrius has for Hermia is not true because it is not returned. He is blinded by lust into thinking he is in love with her when he is not. "My lord, fair Helena told me of their stealth,
Of this their purpose hither to this wood.
And I in fury hither followed them,
Fair Helena in fancy following me."
Act 4, Scene 1 ,Line 150 Demetrius is under a spell that makes him madly in love with Helena. Even though this love does not come from his direct heart, it is true love. He and Helena have a love that is not only restored, but also indestructible. They are both so absorbed with each other that they don't realize the real world around them. They may not have naturally fallen in love, but their love is strong which makes everybody happy. The couple is true to each other. Their love will last as long as Demetrius is under the love spell. I chose this song because it had to do with the overall theme of the play but it also specifies Helena's love for Demetrius. More over it represents Titania's love for Bottom as the song contains the A word. All of my selected quotes illustrate the theme of true love because they all have to do with love. Some of the quotations describe true love at its best and capitalize on all of true love's attributes. THE END
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