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Sir Gaheris By Nareh Megerdichian

No description

Nareh Megerdichian

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Sir Gaheris By Nareh Megerdichian

King Lot of Orkney and Lothain Father of Sir Gaheris
Ruler of Orkney and Lothain
Killed by King Pellinore Morgause Le Fay Sir Gaheris's mother
King Lot's wife
Purpose is to destroy King Arthur
Half sister of Arthur Major Knighthood Events Sir Gaheris killed his own mother and sliced off her head when he found her sleeping with Sir Lamorak. Sir Gaheris's Death The Orkney Brothers Nephews of King Arthur
Knights in the Round Table
Half Brothers of Mordred Agravain, Gareth & Gawain Sir Gaheris, Pre-Knighthood Life Gaheris was a squire for his older brother Gawain, before he had became a knight himself. All About Sir Gaheris! Also known as Prince Gwalchafed of Gododdin Born in 500 AD Good friend of Lancelot, and was freed by him when he was imprisoned at several places Together, Gawain and Gaheris went on many heroic adventures. Together they killed King Pellinore to get revenge on the slayer of their father, King Lot
of Orkney Sir Gaheris's Lovers Sir Gaheris and his the Damoiselle de la Blanche Land Sir Gaheris was a ladies' man though, so he went out and courted with other women as well. He fought Matto Le Bruene, and stole his lover, Lynet the Damsel Savage away. Through all the frenzy, Lancelot could not see everything clearly, and only thought about saving the love of his life, Guinevere After realizing who he killed, Lancelot was very sorry, but Sir Gawain still held a grudge on him for killing two of his brothers Lynet mourns for the loss of
her beloved husband, Sir Gaheris Once people found out Morgause's killer was Gaheris, he was banished from court and exiled. Sir Gaheris An Orkney Brother Grew up in Orkney Sir Gaheris and Lynet later got married! Sir Lamorak escaped while Gaheris beheaded his mother, but later together Gawain and Gaheris capture and kill Sir Lamorak. Knighthood Stories Sir Gaheris shows his sympathetic side when he helps out the poor
Gaheris accidentally frightened a commoner who fled into the dark forest and left his donkey behind
The donkey was eaten by wolves, and when Sir Gaheris saw the dead animal, he gave the man a horse to make up for frightening him and causing the loss of his donkey
King Arthur asked Sir Gaheris and Sir Gareth to guard the execution of Guinevere, and the two agreed The two refused to wear armour, so Lancelot, not able to tell from friend from enemy, accidentally killed Sir Gaheris and Gareth Sir Gaheris was then burried at Dover Castle, along with his brother Sir Gareth Sir Gaheris By Nareh Megerdichian p2
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