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Meaningful Conversation

My presentation for the OACUHO (Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers). The theme of the conference was 'Spark,' which inspired me to discuss and instruct my peers on how to 'spark' deeper level conversations with students.

Lindsey Hawley

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Meaningful Conversation

Key Topics? Listening •Non-verbal Techniques:
Appear engaged through the use appropriate silence silence/facial expression/eye contact

•Encouraging Techniques: tone of voice/
use minimal encouragements and doors openers ("I’d like to hear more” “What’s up?” “Can you elaborate on that?” “How do you feel?” “What happened next?” “What do you think about that?")

Most important: Try not to be judgemental. Sparking Change
Conversation Welcome!!! An Effective Facilitator... Is Genuine
Has a presence and is self-confident
Is Trustworthy
Is "Calm"
Is not 'responsible'... Would
Rather..? Thanks For Coming!!! Activity. Agenda Housekeeping
Defining Meaningful Conversation
A conversation facilitator is...
Key Topics and Strategies
Share/Challenge/Question/Add What is a meaningful conversation?
Why should it matter? Conversation Strategies/
Important Aspects Participation vs. Distance
Initiating vs. Steering
Differences (i.e. Gender, personality)
Questions that 'build'
Know your limitations
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