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IOS VS Android

No description

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of IOS VS Android

IOS VS Android
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Background of IOS & Android
Product category : Smartphone system

Who was surveyed
Asked the following questions to 25 college students of each smart phone system, 14 vote Android, 11 vote iOS.
Because of what product attributes, do you buy or like the product?
Why is the feature(attribute)improtant to you?
Why is the benefit or consequence important to you?
Why our group plan to work on it?
Smartphone is important in daily life

Hot topic to talk about today.

Big market share of IOS and Android
Interesting film
iOS previously called iPhone OS,which is a mobile operation system developed by Apple Inc
Unveiled in 2007 for iPhone
IOS system
In 2010
Apple created iphone 4
change OS system to IOS

Major version of IOS are released annually. The current release, iOS7 was released on September 2013.

new look
give customer a different feeling
block contact
Fingerprint sensor
IOS system
created by google
its own apps store --- google store.
easily change the launcher and weight
drop down menu

new elements in drop down menu
bluetooth, wifi, gps,, weather.
33%of traffic comes from ios and 5%come from android
IOS is for selling product, and android is for advertising
Interview Example
An Android using student answered the following:
I like Android because it is
simple designed
The system give me the sense of
friendly use
Simple life
is what I am chasing, what I do not like is complicated.
Interview Example
A IOS using student answered the following:
I like IOS because it is popular being popular made me very fashionable
Because it made me fashionable
I can feel the sense of vanity, made me satisfied.
Problem:Inaccurate Answers
1. A few people only answered part of questions
2. Some people gave irrelevant answers
1. The question is boring and some people may not interested in the issues.
2. The question is too professional to some people who don’t have the relative academic knowledge and background.
Irrelevant answer example 1:
1.Because of what product attributes, do you buy or like the product?
Response: Vanity
2.Why is the feature(attribute)important to you?
Response: Vanity
3.Why is the benefit or consequence important to you?
Response: Vanity
Irrelevant answer example 2:
1.Because of what product attributes, do you buy or like the product?
Response: IPHONE2.
Why is the feature(attribute) important to you?
Response: Easy to use, concise operating system.
3.Why is the benefit or consequence important to you?
Response: Comfortable operation system, easy to use and save time.
Interesting discovery:
Some of the IOS users use IOS because they like the industrial design of IPHONE, and, IOS can only be used on IPHONEs. However, ANDROID can be used in many different platforms, like SAMSUNG, HTC, MOTOROLA and HUAWEI.
NEW Product
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