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Scuba Diving 2

No description

Christian Perroni

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Scuba Diving 2

SCUBA DIVING Diving Equipment Masks
Fins Knifes Gloves Snorkel BCD Weights
Scuba Tanks Regulator Diving Suits A brief history on scuba diving Reflections Classroom Reflections Pool Reflections Open Water Reflections Recreational Diving River Diving Night Diving Reef Diving Snorkeling Technical Diving Wreck Diving Cave Diving Ice Diving Submersibles & Submarines Commercial Diving Welding Hard Hat Diving Military Diving Public Safety Diving Rescue Diving Scientific Diving Research Diving Collection Diving Underwater Photography/Videography Different Diving Agencies PADI NAUI SSI ACUC Safety Diving Agencies DAN What is Scuba Diving? Diving Timeline all of timline or a summery, most important dates Mark V Diving Helmet pic, then quick blurb of words in it, with ring Pressure Bouyancy Air Nitrox Equalizing Light Underwater Sound Underwater Physiology Diving Tables Diving Calculators eRDPml Pressure Groups Hyperbaric Medicine Hyperbaric Chambers Different Kinds of Scuba Diving Famous People in Diving Jacques Cousteau Phil Nuytten
Jean-Michel Cousteau
Lloyd Bridges
The Pavilion Lake Research Project
Underwater Habitats pic of book or of tables pic of us on boat, in dive gear pic of us in water, or underwater VIDEO OF SCUBA DIVING ANIMALS???? MAYBEE Acknowledgments How has scuba diving evolved over time and how has that changed how we dive? Many ancient people used hollow reeds to be able to breathe underwater.
circa 1300 - The Persians made diving goggles out of the outer layers of a tortoiseshell.
1535 - A diving bell was invented by Guglielmo de Loreno. It was a big bell shaped object that was lowered into the water with a person in it.
1771 - John Smeaton invented an air pump that could be used to force air underwater.
1772 - Sieur Freminet invented a re-breathing device but it couldn't work for long periods of time.
1776 - During the American Revolution, David Bushnell created the first submarine to attack its opposition.
1825 - William Jame made another re-breathing device, called an iron belt that held 450 psi, equal to a 7 minute dive.
1838 - A twin hose demand regulator was invented. It was invented by Dr. Manuel Guillaumet and could be used for 30 minutes in cold water.
1843 – The Royal Navy created the first diving school.
1865 - Benoit Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouze created a diving backpack with the first demand regulator. The diver would not be able to swim so they would have to walk on the sea floor.
1876 - Henry Fleuss made a closed circuit re-breather. He died from pure oxygen while he was 30 feet underwater.
1893 - Louis Boutan invented the first underwater camera. Then in 1923, W. H. Longley took the first underwater photos.
1917 - The Mark V Diving Helmet was introduced and was used for salvage work during World War ll.
1921 - Harry Houdini invented a diving suit that he could escape from quickly, or that other divers could help each other out of the diving suit if in trouble.
1930 - Guy Gilpatric invented rubber goggles with glass lenses.
1933 - Swim fins are patented by Louis de Corlieu in France.
1934 - William Beebe and Otis Barton descend to 924 meters in a bathysphere.
1942 - Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau invented a regulator and an autonomous diving suit. Also they redesigned a car regulator and made it so that you could breathe fresh air every time you were underwater.
1943 - Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau invented the Aqua Lung, the first combination diving tank and regulator, allowing divers to stay underwater for longer periods of time.
1950 - August Picard invented a new type of vessel called the bathyscaphe. A bathyscaphe was a free diving submersible. Bathyscaphe meant βαθύς bathys ("deep") and σκάφη skaphē ("ship") in ancient Greek.
1956 - The red and white diving flag was invented by Ted Nixon. Also in 1956, the first wetsuit was made by some researchers at University of California.
1960 - Jacques Picard and Don Walsh descended to 10921 meters in the bathyscaphe "Trieste".
1960 - NAUI was created.
1960 - Travel diving became popular with main destinations in Florida and the Caribbean.
1966 - The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) was founded by John Cronin and Ralph Ericson.
1971 - Scubapro invents the Stabilization Jacket which is now known as a buoyancy compensation device, or BCD.
1985 - The wreck of the Titanic was found using underwater submersibles.
1990s – Many new improvements and developments are taking place and finding their way into the scuba diving sport. The use of mixed gases, like oxygen and helium, full face masks, underwater voice communication, propulsion systems, computer, etc. became more common in the 1990s.
The Physics of Diving
Decompression Sickness
Diving Computers Wet Suits Dry Suits Nitrogen Narcosis
Area of Interaction Human Ingenuity Guiding Question Under The Sea
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