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Organizational Skills Boot Camp - 1

Session 1

Stephanie Schalk

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Organizational Skills Boot Camp - 1

Welcome to the
Organizational Skills Boot Camp! We are going to do 5 things today... 2. Look over the agenda for the entire 8 weeks. 1. Introduce ourselves! 3. Complete the Organizational Skills Survey 4. Look through our agendas,
bookbags and binders...How organized are we? 5. Create 3 goals that you'd like to meet by the time we finish this group. Introductions....

Do you know everyone in this room? Well...lets meet one another...

Lets organize our seats by sitting in order based on the second letter of your last name. Alright...

Now that we know one another, lets look over the topics that we are going to cover during the next 8 weeks. Okay, so now we feel like we know what this group is all about.... Lets see go through a list of situations and decide whether you think that they apply to you. This will help us determine what we might need help with... Highlight the sentence if you think that the statement applys to you. Lets go through them together. But before we get started, lets talk about how organization, or lack thereof, can make life more easier or harder... Any ideas? Now that we've completed the survey, lets look and see how organized we really are.

Let look at our agendas first... Do you use your agenda? If not, how do you keep track of your assignments, work, and social commitments? Lets look at our binders/folders.

Are there random papers in random places? Do you feel like you have a system? How do you decide where to put the different materials? Can you find them when you are looking for them? Lets look at our bookbags...

Are your papers just shoved in your bookbag? Is there order to the chaos? After looking through your materials and completing the survey, lets create 3 goals that you'd like to accomplish during the next 8 weeks. Would anyone like to share? That's it for today!

Next week will we begin activities that will help us become more organized.
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