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Red Poll Cattle

No description

Jenna Pittman

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Red Poll Cattle

Red Poll Cattle

The red poll cattle breed, is a threatened species with low numbers. Although some believe it would be easy to replenish the species, it is not. All animals, livestock included, can be endangered.
What breeds make the red poll cattle?
The red poll cattle are a result of the Norfolk and Suffolk cattle breeds. Through a few years of breeding, these cattle became wildly popular in England.
Where are they from?
They were devolped in eastern England in the early 1800's and were first imported to America in the 1880's, and importations continued through the 1930's.
How much milk can you expect?
A typical red poll cow could produce 10,000 pounds of milk, even as a teenager (old).
What size are they?
They are medium in size with cows averaging at 1,200 pounds and bulls at 1,800 pounds.
Florabel, a red poll cow, once produced over 108,310 pounds of milk in an eleven year period.
Facts About the Breed
Red poll cattle were a efficient and competitive breed of cattle, especially when it came to feed over profit costs. Their milk is rich in protean and butterfat and it also makes great cheese and butter.
How long do they live?
They live about 25-30 years or until their owner decieds to slaughter them.
How Hardy are these cattle?
These cattle are very hardy, a trait possessed from the Norfolk breed, and very adaptable to climate changes and conditions. This is helpful because when the weather is warm one day, and cold the next, (usually in the spring or fall) cattle get sick very easily.
Why are they Endangered?
These cattle may sound great, but as science develops, so does our livestock. Scientists cross breed and make new breeds that produce even more milk, and when it comes time to sell them, there is more meat.
How Many are Left
There is no exact number, as the breed is not required when they are tagged, but the species is threatened. The Norfolk and Suffolk cattle are extinct.
The breed is declining mostly in Britain and the United States but also, globally.
What do the Red Poll cows look like?
The red poll cows are traditionally solid red, with a little white on the underline tolerated but not desired.
What do the Norfolk and Suffolk Breeds Look Like?
The Norfolk is a small, hardy, red and white horned breed known for the high quality of its beef. The Suffolk is a red, yellow, or brindle polled dairy breed. Together these breeds make one of the best milk producing breeds around.
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