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CMIN 301 (Sp '17) T25 - Preaching Chiastic Passages

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Hartmut Scherer

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of CMIN 301 (Sp '17) T25 - Preaching Chiastic Passages

Chiastic Passages

Psalm 3
Understanding Chiastic Passages
How do we shape our final sermon when the biblical passage is chiastic?
A They say, "God will not deliver him" (3:1-2)
B You are a warrior on my behalf (3:3)
(Lesson adopted from Donald Sunukjian,
Invitation to Biblical Preaching
, Kindle location 3202-3353)
C I cry to you for help (3:4)
D You make me safe and unafraid (3:5-6)
C I cry to you for help (3:7a)
B You are a warrior on my behalf (3:7b)
A I know, "From the Lord comes deliverance" (3:8)
We can experience peace and safety
in the midst of pressures and attacks from all sides if we ask God for help and are confident of his ability to deliver us."
A Proclaim the Lord's love and faithfulness (92:1-3)
B The righteous rejoice over the works of the Lord (92:4-5)
C The senseless do not know the wicked will be
destroyed (92:6-8)
D All evildoers, God's enemies, will perish (92:9)
C The elect will witness their enemies being
destroyed (92:10-11)
B The righteous flourish forever in the presence
of the Lord (92:12-14)
A Proclaim the Lord's justice and holiness (92:15)
Psalm 92
Believers know that they will ultimately be victorious over all enemies and will flourish in God's presence.
I. Proclaim the Lord’s love and faithfulness (92:1-3).
Psalm 92 - Truth Outline
II. Because you know something that gives you joy,
something the senseless fool does not know — that all
evildoers will perish (92:4-9).
III. But God has chosen you for victory and joy (92:10-14).
a. You have joy because you know God’s deeds
and thoughts (92:4-5).
b. The senseless fool does not have this knowledge (92:6).
a. The exalted horn symbolizes victory and strength
c. The truth is: The wicked will be destroyed; all God’s
enemies will perish (92:7-9).  
2. You will see the defeat of your enemies (92:11).
b. The fine oils and flourishing trees symbolize joy and
festivity following victory (92:10b-14).
3. You will flourish forever in the Lord’s presence
1. Your joy will overflow (92:10b).
IV. Proclaim the Lord’s justice and holiness (92:15).
- try to educate your audience about chiasm
- combine the corresponding elements into a familiar linear
outline for preaching
Tips for a Longer Chiastic Passage
- hand out sermon outline Malechi 1:6-14
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