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The Multitouch Technology program

No description

Child LIfe

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of The Multitouch Technology program

The Journey began in 2011...
When we discovered Multitouch technology as a powerful tool to decrease anxiety often associated with invasive procedures.
We received funding from KMGF in Fall 2011
Winter/Spring 2011 developed the Procedural Support iPad program
Summer 2011 launched the procedural support program

We started down the road...
With 10 iPads and 90 apps and now have over 200 apps for infants through adolesence
The iPads are now an invaluable tool for decreasing stress and anxiety often associated with painful procedures.
They are used for preparation for medical procedures, therapeutic storytelling and as tools for kids to say goodbye to their loved ones.
We expanded the program to include iPod touches.. talk about music program here
As we traveled....
We saw the benefits of this technology to decrease stress and anxiety before, during and after procedures and realizing that we are not always present when procedures happen and kids are in pain...
asked for additional funding to expand patient use of the iPads
We received funding in Spring 2013?
We started developing the Patient iPad program and launched it July 2014
We began traveling a new road ....
with.. describe number of ipads, configuration... picture of sync tray bring ipads
and patient iPad manual

Multi-touch Technology program and
Child Life at

Doernbecher Children's Hospital
2011 to present
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