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Code Name Verity

No description

Cella :)

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Code Name Verity

This is the story of friendship; of two young women during World War II. But what happens when one of them, a spy working for the British, is caught in Nazi-occupied France? Chaos. That's what. Julie goes by many names: Queenie, Eva, Scottie, Lady Beaufort-Stuart, and Verity. She has given eleven sets of code to the Nazis, in exchange for her clothes and time. Time to write her story, time to write information. She says she has told the truth. "But I have told the truth. Isn't that ironic? They sent me because I am so good at telling lies. But I have told the truth.”
- Julie By Elizabeth Wein Meet Maddie, whose code name is Kittyhawk. She crash-landed into France, and doesn't have a clue where Julie has gone. She soon joins the Resistance, and there, she meets Georgia Penn. Has she? Georgia Penn, a so called "journalist" for an American newspaper, gives the one of the Nazis' captives an interview.

"I am looking for verity," she says. I have told the truth. Using the help of Penn, the Resistance, and a few more unexpected helpers, Maddie discovers that her best friend is alive.

Until those last words... Julie was being taken to a labor camp where she would be used as a science experiment, then either be killed or die from the tests. Maddie and a few members of the Resistance were watching, and suddenly Maddie let out a sob. Julie recognized that sob.
She cried out, "Kiss me, Hardy, kiss me QUICK!" Julie turned away her head to make it easier for Maddie to pull the trigger. And Maddie did. Just like that.
Julie was gone. Some Background Information Before We Start "Kiss me, Hardy!" The words spoken on his deathbed by Admiral Horatio Nelson to Captain Thomas Hardy. Julie quotes this often throughout the book. verity Forever. ver·i·ty [ver-i-tee]
1. The state or quality of being true; accordance with fact or reality.
2. Something that is true, as a principle, belief, idea, or statement.
3. Julie's code name. The Various Types of Conflicts Man vs. Man (Julie against von Linden)
Man vs. Society (Julie and Maddie against the Nazis)
Man vs. Nature (Maddie against those stupid Lysander planes!) Maddie shot Julie, just like a best friend would.
Would you do the same? A Quick 'I' Poem Before We Move On I am just another human like you;
I wonder why the sky is blue.
I hear the shouts of the bomber crew;
I see the fires, a glowing hue.
I want to end this fight about Jews;
I am just another human like you. I pretend that everything will be okay,
But I feel dread, no matter what I say.
I touch the depths of my soul, cold as sorbet,
I worry, though, that there'll be a higher price to pay.
I cry at night, beause there's no other way;
I am just real reality. I understand that the stakes are higher than high;
I say, to look brave, this is as easy as pie.
I dream of the day when I can fly;
I try to remind myself not to cry.
I hope that I will never have to say goodbye;
I am Verity.
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