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Louisiana Purchase/ Lewis and Clark

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Brittany Vojnar

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Louisiana Purchase/ Lewis and Clark

*They gathered information about plants, animals, resources, and people from the Northwestern land. Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark *France sold the Louisiana territory to the United States, which was 828,000 square miles. *The Louisiana Purchase was one of the most important land acquisitions ever to be made by the United States.

*The Louisiana Purchase Treaty was signed by Robert Livingston and James Monroe in Paris on April 30, 1803.

*The American government made a down payment on the land in gold totaling $3 million. The rest was financed in bonds.

*The expedition discovered 122 new animals and 178 new plants.

*Along with all of the men there was one woman, one baby, and one dog on the expedition.

*There was only one death among the members of the expedition: Charles Floyd, who apparently died of a burst appendix.

*During a hunting trip in the area that is now North Dakota, Lewis was accidentally shot in the thigh by one of his own men. Extra Facts *Lewis and Clark explored the land we bought from the Louisiana Purchase, their expedition was also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition *Their expedition took place from 1804-1806 *This was the first transcontinental expedition to the Pacific Coast by the United Stated. GOALS 1.) Find the most direct and practical water communication across this continent for commerce 2.) Declare U.S. sovereignty over the Native Americans that lived along the Missouri River. 3.) Get an accurate sense of resources, map out the land, and explore the Louisiana Purchase. *Thomas Jefferson had interest in western expansion *Asked congress to fund an expedition to the Louisiana territory and Pacific Ocean. * Jefferson's goal he wanted to make was exploring the land first before the Europeans could claim the land. *In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson received the permission to commission the Corps of Discovery. *He chooses the United States army captain Meriwether Lewis and his partner William Clark to take the journey. The First Step... *The size of the United States was roughly doubled when it gained 828,000 square miles that would later make up part or all of 15 states.
*The 15 states were: Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Louisiana.
*The trade routes were expanded and this gave America more powers to ship their goods through the region without any hassles, helping the economy flourish. Lewis and Clark's Journey Results: *One benefit of taking this trip was that the United States government finally had a grasp on what they purchased, and were glad about what they found. *The United States purchased the Louisiana territory on April 30, 1803. *Lewis and Clark left St. Louis, Missouri on a boat with 45 men to explore the Louisiana territory. *They brought back U.S. claims to the
Oregon territory. *This trip also established a relationship between the Native Americans, which was one of Thomas Jefferson's goals. * And also provided 140 maps of the Louisiana purchase region. Benefits.. *Lewis and Clark led a government-sponsored expedition to explore the vast wilderness of the west soon after the signing of the Louisiana Purchase. *Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to find a water route to the Pacific and explore the uncharted West. *The United states paid a total of 15 million dollars (less than 3 cents per acre). Goals: *Treaty between the United States of America and the French Republic. *A territory of the western United States extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains between the Gulf of Mexico and the Canadian border.
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