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Black History Month: Ruby Bridges

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nick karagias

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Black History Month: Ruby Bridges

Who is Ruby Bridges
Ruby was the
first black child
to go to an
all white elementary school
elementary schools
with having a part in the
civil rights movement

Black History Month: Ruby Bridges
By: Nicholas Karagias 805

Background Info:
She was born on Sept. 8th 1954, Tyler Town, Mississippi
She was a good child that never got in trouble. She
lived near a all white school
but was
not prohibited
to be there and
had to go to school that was very far from where she lived
making it an inconvenience for her education.
Because of this she
wanted to change schools
so she could be able to have a easier time getting to school

What She Wanted to do About :
What she did was she
took a test
transfer schools
. This test was said to be
very tough
and almost
close to none passed
. Luckily, for Ruby,
her and six other children passed
and was able to go to another school.
After The Test &
After the test she was
brought to school by four U.S. marshals
walking with her.
Everyone wanted to say away
from her since
she was different
. Some of the
other parents threatened to take their child out of school
since she was there.
Other parents took there child out so they didn't need to be around her
Weeks past
, there
weren't as many threats
and the
children came back to school one by one
. Even after the fact that the people were starting to get used to her being there,
she was still getting personal threats
after she came home from school ( i.e. "
i am going to poison you!
" as she heard every day after school or "
we don't want to integrate!
"). She had
influenced the president
of that time (J.F.K) to take count for all the other black families to
have the same rights as the white people.
Why is She Important
She as
influenced the way that we have
our education
by being the
first black child to go to a segregated school
(a.k.a. she
influenced integration
). She
influenced other black children to become apart of a segregated school
but the white people didn't like it
, and they kept
growing with protest
. Since all of this was getting out of hand from the
day on day protests
to the
K.K.K. leaving burning crosses
near black neighborhoods, the government wanted to end it so everyone would be equal.
"Can we

say that it doesn't affect
fight for peace
others are denied
full constitutional rights?
-John F. Kennedy
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what transpired in the fall of 1960 would shape a nation
. When I think back on that time and all that has occurred since, I realize
a lot has changed
That fateful walk to school began a journey
, and we all must work together to
continue moving forward
-Ruby Bridges
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