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Camille Curtis Martinez

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of CESI

CESI Civic Engagement Scholars Initiative What is CESI? UMass Boston Civic Engagement is broadly defined as learning that is intended to prepare students for public participation and action. This includes civic knowledge, habits, skills, and values.

It involves a wide range of curriculum, including social and political history, applications of science for social/civic issues and processes of government, and includes deliberative attempts to build skills for civic life, such as debate, critical thinking, etc. 5 Retooling/creating Workshops Semester 1: Retooling/Creating Course Semester 2: Implementation 3 Writing Workshops Semester 3: Writing and Reflection CESI intends to build a sustainable program that continues to allow faculty to develop courses across the curriculum with civic engagement. Faculty attend 5 workshops
Department chairs and Community Partners are invited to attend workshops Civic engagement connects civic education through action, and can involve a wide range of activities. These include educational experiences that intentionally prepare students for informed, engaged participation in civic and democratic life by providing opportunities to develop civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions through learning and practice addressing community needs. 3 year Grant: MA Dept. Higher Ed Application deadlines: January 7, 2013 (closed)
Spring 2013 - May 24, 2013 deadline
Fall 2013 Goals of CESI Workshop 1: Intro/Orientation
Workshop 2: Ways to Retool/Create: CEP & Partnerships
Workshop 3: Retooling/creating Nuts & Bolts Part 1 (Assessment)
Workshop 4: Retooling/creating Nuts & Bolts Part 2
Workshop 5: Presenting the Work Teams commit to 3 semesters: Retooling/creating
Writing/reflecting 3 Implementation workshops 2nd/3rd week of classes: how is it going? Any issues?
Learning community addresses/supports
Before midterm
After last day of classes Participation in CESI means that selected faculty become Civic Engagement Scholar Fellows, empowering students and community members through enriched educational experiences. Online Application: http://www.umb.edu/ofd/community_engagement/cesi/ofd_cesi How does CESI work? In semester 3, faculty will meet at least 3 times in order to work on their civic engagement scholarship. The goal is that each team will complete a peer-reviewed civic engagement article and/or an article for a cohort edited volume. Up to $10,000 per team Participant Agreement: Attend 5 workshops
Maintain a reflection journal/blog/wiki
Participant Agreement: Attend 3 Implementation workshops
Keep an Implementation journal/blog/wiki
Maintain budget and process all expenses through OFD
Allow for assessment by CESI Organizers
Mentor Federal Work-Study student Part of Vision Project
Grant & University funds
Addresses undergrad civic learning Increase opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in experiential education that builds civic skills, habits, and knowledge through addressing community issues

Support and guide faculty as they offer new models of learning through re-designed courses

Establish an assessment of student learning outcomes for civic engagement

Advance the field of community engaged scholarship Teams Faculty, Departments & Community Partners Budget Cohorts/Learning Communities 3 Cohorts
18+ Teams Resources for each team Workshops to assist with each phase
Learning community
Assistance from a Federal Work Study student Phases Participant Agreement Attend 3 writing workshops
Maintain budget and process all expenses through OFD
Mentor Federal Work-Study student CESI Project Team Aminah Pilgrim, Africana Studies
Camille Martinez, Office for Faculty Development
John Saltmarsh, New England Center for Higher Educ.
Luciano Ramos, Office for Community Partnerships
Meghan Peel, Sociology
Rajini Srikanth, English/Honors/Academic Affairs Experiences include: community-based research
field placements
clinical practica Re-Designed Courses
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