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hurricane katrina

No description

Juliet Grat

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of hurricane katrina

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr It happened August 29 2005 New Orleans Louisiana. When did it happen? Katrina was 125-miles per hour and 300 miles wide and 50,000 feet high. How fast and big was Katrina? 1,000 people died in the first few hours but tens of thousand people survived and nearly 50,000 people hid in the Super Dome. How many people died and survived? by Juliet Gratias In 1950 meteorologists named storms by where they were located but it was to confusing in 1953 they made a list of woman and men names for storms. How did it get its name? Hurricane Katrina there is the eye, an eye wall, and the spiral rain bands and its more calm at the top. What are the parts of a hurricane? tens of thousand buildings crashed and many levees fell. How many buildings crashed? th iiii It's important because people now know how big an thick to build new levees for other hurricanes. Why is it important? I got my research from hurricane disasters, info bits, and under sea level. Where I got my information?
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