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Backyard Getaway Project

No description

Stephanie Eslich

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Backyard Getaway Project

Backyard Getaway
Your child will also build an exhibit.
It will include:

1. a display board
2. a diorama
3. a flipbook
4. miniature museum
5. backyard model

The items in blue will also be worked on during school. The other items are homework items.
Backyard Getaway
Challenging, Project-Based Learning
Welcome, Students and Families
Project-Based Learning
What is it?
Backyard Getaway
Backyard Getaway
Backyard Getaway
The Expo: Tuesday May 13th
"If we want to graduate students who can manage their time and collaborate with others, we must give them guidance and practice managing their time and collaborating with others." -John Larmer and John R. Mergendoller Buck Institute for Education

The Common Core Standards address the ”4 C’s”of 21st Century skills: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

The Backyard Getaway includes all essential components, and more. It also reinforces time management and collaboration, while receiving guidance from both school and home.
Where does the support and time come from?
Project Based Learning begins with the vision of an end product or presentation. This creates a context and reason to learn and understand the information and concepts.

Students learn to work independently and take responsibility when they are asked to make choices about how they work and what they create. The opportunity to make choices, and to express their learning in their own voice, also helps to increase students’ educational engagement.

Effective project-based learning includes processes for revision and reflection. Students learn to give and receive feedback.

It also involves a public audience. Students present their work to other people, beyond their classmates and teacher. This provides students with a purpose and an opportunity to develop public speaking skills.
"Envision" is a real-world, project-based independent study program specifically designed for gifted and talented students.

Each child will research and make decisions in order to create and develop five specific areas within his or her backyard;

1. a relaxation area
2. a recreation area
3. a water habitat
4. a flower or food garden
5. and a state or country tribute area

Each child will create the following items in a portfolio:

Tables, maps, reflections, a safety sign, a watercolor, a food chain, a poem,
t-charts, and a fictional story

All of these items will be introduced and worked on during school.

Why Participate in this "Project-Based Learning"?
A Student Instruction Guide will be provided to guide your child step by step.

There will be guidance and support from Mr. Morgan in school.

Students can work independently during class time, free time, and at home.

Check points are scheduled throughout the 14 weeks to help students (and parents) keep on track.

The portfolio, dividers, handouts, and trifold presentation board will be provided by the district.
Any questions?
Media release
Attendees include:
District staff
Community members
Family and Friends
Share and Celebrate
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