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Creation Of The Chinese Head Tax

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Zain Lakhani

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Creation Of The Chinese Head Tax

Creation Of Chinese Head Tax
By Zain L and Kevin A

Creation Of The Chinese Head Tax
-Created in 1885
-Meant to discourage Chinese from entering Canada
-Many people did not need to pay such as merchants and their families, diplomats, and students
-Created when the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed in 1885
-Used to limit the number of Chinese immigrants in Canada
-The tax was meant to keep most Chinese out of Canada in a very greedy fashion
Progression Of The Tax
-The tax went from $50 in 1885 when it was created, to $100 in 1900 and $500 in 1903
-Most likely increased because most Chinese were able to pay the tax at first with no problem

I'm Sorry
-Ended in 1949
-Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologizes for having placed a Head Tax on Chinese immigrants
-Chinese were paid about $20 000 which was almost equal to the tax they paid
-However, Only about 35 Chinese citizens were returned their money

The Tax
-If Chinese people really did want to immigrate, they would have to pay a tax of $50 which was at first fine with the Government of Canada
-Collected approximately $23 million from the Chinese immigrants (about $300 million in 2013 dollars)
-Humiliation day is the day the Chinese head tax was created
C.I. 5 & C.I. 4
-Stands for Chinese Immigration Certificates
-C.I. 5 certificates were receipts
-C.I. 5 were to signal the completion of the C.I. 4 form
-C.I. 4 certificates were to prove that they were a Chinese citizen
-C.I. 5 certificates were to show that they had paid the tax
C.I. 5 Certificate
A Chinese Family Immigrated To Canada
Canadian Government's Point of View
Chinese Immigrants' Point of View
-Wanted money
-Excluded Chinese
-Thought this idea was a good idea
-Felt ashamed after the head tax was over
-Regrets this
Humiliation Day
-Occurred July 1st, 1923
-Is the day where the Chinese Head Tax was replaced with the Chinese Exclusion Act, which simply banned Chinese immigration
-The Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in 1947
-Very discouraged
-Claimed that this was unfair and greedy
-Very upset once the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed
-Relieved once again once the Act was repealed
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