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Heredity & Your Identitiy

No description

Kayla Hoelscher

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of Heredity & Your Identitiy

Heredity & Your Identity
Some physical characteristics are obvious and can be seen in your appearance
hair color, facial features, height
These contribute to the way you see yourself and become a part of your personal identity
Other inherited physical traits are less obvious & can impact your health and ability to fight diseases
Some impact skills and intelligence
Heredity influences your rate of development
Knowing the characteristics you inherit will give you some insight to your own potential development
Dominant genes
- determine how a certain trait is expressed in a person
always overrules a recessive
Recessive genes-
determine the nature of a trait only when two of them are present
child must receive one from each parent
Scientists use letter combinations such as DD or dd to identify a persona's genotype
genetic makeup of an individual or group
a capital letter signifies a dominant trait, lowercase signifies recessive
Punnett square-
graphic invented by R>C Punnett to determine what possible gene pairs may result from combining tow genes
A total of four combinations are possible giving 25% chance
the science that studies heredity
Each human being begins life with their own set of genetic material
You inherit 23 chromosomes for each biological parent
- rod-shaped structure that carries heredity information from each parent
Total of 46 chromosomes
This genetic "blueprint" exists in the nuclease of every cell in the body
Your personal traits may be similar or different to siblings or family members because of the patterns found in genetics
The sum of the characteristics that were passed from your ancestors through your parents to you
The characteristics you inherit make you a unique human being
Dominant & Recessive
Physical Characteristics
Dominant traits
Recessive Traits
Free earlobes
Cleft chin
Blood types a & B
Widow's peak hairline
Hitchhiker's thumb
No dimples
Attached earlobes
Chin with no cleft
Blood type O
Lack of freckles
Straight hairline
Straight thumb Cystic fibrosis
Are Your Traits Dominant?
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