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Pfizer Global Environment

No description

Estefania Colina

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Pfizer Global Environment

Global Environment
Pfizer in the
Aakash Patel
Estefania Colina
Leon Shum
Deniz Citak
Pfizer in the Global Economy
Research and clinical trials conducted around the world.
Operations management outside of the U.S. is the same in the other 40 countries where Pfizer has locations.
GHF (global health fellowships) - Employees take time off and use their scientific and business expertise in areas of greatest need of assistance
Uganda for child survival, China for diabetes
Global Product Development
Researched in:
United States
United Kingdom
Tested in:
New Haven
Further clinical trials are carried out in North America and Europe to meet FDA and EMA regulations
Founded by cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart in 1849.
The largest pharmaceutical company in the world.
Strives to positively impact the health of people around the world.
About Pfizer
New York Stock Exchange (PFE)
London (PFZ)
Swiss Stock Exchange
Pfizer stocks sold on these markets:
Corporate Headquarters:

Manhattan, New York
Research Headquarters:
Where in the Globe?
New York

(clinical research units)
New Haven
Target Markets
Heart Disease ($85bn)
Diabetes ($19.5bn)
Obesity ($35bn)
Infectious Diseases ($58.4bn)
Neurological Diseases ($91bn)
Oncology ($30bn)
Basic Aliments
Currently Pfizer is well established in:
-North America
-European Union -China
Locations of Costumers
European Debt Crisis
-Pfizer bailed out European banks during the European Debt Crisis.
-Fitch ratings gives Pfizer’s four billion dollar debt issuance an A+.
-The repayment of the loan will be used in Pfizer’s own debt maturities and upcoming patent expiration.

Recommendations for the Future
Pfizer seems to be successfully taking advantage of the global market.
-Expand on the GHF program
-Develop new research locations in countries with the greatest need for drugs and treatment– e.g. more research for AIDS in Africa, malaria in Southeast Asia.
-Keep focusing on their emerging market units.
Viagra® Loses Patent in Canada
In 2012 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Pfizer's patent on Viagra® was invalid and that Teva Canada Limited could start to sell the generic version
Funnies about Pfizer
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