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Jacquie Augustine, Cardew

No description

Hull Elementary

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Jacquie Augustine, Cardew

Jacquie Augustine, Cardew
Lastly, my favorite subject, library.It's my favorite subject because we get to find good books, including "The Hunger Games, Dork Diaries , and Harry Potter."
Social Studies/Writing
In social studies, we have been learning about the Revolutionary War. It was very interesting to learn about, so I choose a book based on that for my book report. In writing we have been learning about Propaganda. Soon, we are going to write a five paragraph essay about it!
In science, we did science fair, and my partners were Sophia and Ivan. Our experiment was; Does the different materials used to construct a paper airplane affect the distance it travels before it lands?
Physical Education
In P.E. we have been doing gymnastics, and I love when Sophia and I get to show the whole class how to do the move and/or the cartwheel and round off.
In orchestra, we have been learning a bunch of songs; the latest songs we have been doing are: Exploring Slurs, Jaws, and Stops and Starts.
Welcome to my prezi
This is my prezi. I will show you about all my favorite subjects and some that I struggle with. Lets go!!!!!!!
In math we have been learning about geometry,fractions, decimals , and review for aims. I like math but it is not my favorite subject. You'll have to wait to see what my favorite subject is!!!!!!
Math, +,-,=
In reading, we are reading a book called,"Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. The main characters name is Minli, and she is on a quest to find the Old Man of the Moon so she can help and change her family's fortune.
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