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Humor in advertising

No description

Jilco Alders

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Humor in advertising

Humor in advertising "Using humor in advertising effectively leads to brand awareness" Outline What is considered Humor The important factors of humor in advertising

Using humor is not a success for every one

Proof of successes when using humor

Humor compared to other emotions in advertising


Summary What is considered humor The important factors of humor in advertising link with the product Using humor is not a success for everyone And advertising humor can backfire Proof of success when using humor Humor compared to other emotions in advertising Depends on target group/product Conclusion using humor effectively in advertising leads to brand awareness when you make use of the factors Summary Humor is based on intellect humor must be connected with the people consumer's perception of the advertising Jilco Alders 0851446
Jules Fens 0834193 Humor is based on the knowledge of the subject Target your humor as a marketer Proof of success when using humor Humor commonly misinterpreted Here are five guidelines to using humor in your advertising creative:
1.It’s either funny or it’s not, so don’t overanalyze a funny idea.
2.Make humor relevant to your objective.
3.Humor intensifies positive psychological reactions, so don’t use humor to cover up facts or deceive. 4.Know your consumer inside and out
5.Use humorous concepts to convey your idea in a thought provoking way so as to engage the consumer. link with the product And advertising humor can backfire Several studies made of the effect of humor in advertising Depends on the target group and product Underage drinking example Find the right emotion Old spice commercial ''the man your man could smell like'' number one all-time most viewed eight of eleven top videos on Youtube 40 million people 800% Facebook fan interaction Brand twitter following 2700% 300% website traffic Several studies University of Australia 370 students More positive attitude Difference low\high involvement products
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