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The Eagle Greenery

The Award-Winning Curriculum Developed for a School-to-Work Transition Program

Dana Pierro

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Eagle Greenery

The Eagle's Nest (school store)
The Eagle Boutique (thrift shop)
The Eagle Copy Center
The Eagle Eatery (bagel shop)
Eagle Greenery
By Dana Pierro
October 26, 2013
ED515 Classroom & Communication
Dr. Vasiliki Tsigas-Fotinis
Egg Harbor Township High School
Lori Butrus, is a special education teacher at Egg Harbor Township High School. She won teacher of the year last year for writing the curriculum for this extremely unique class.
Lori's special needs students were lacking motivation. So, she created The Eagle Greenery, a student run flower shop within the high school.
The Eagle Greenery
Eagle Enterprises, Inc.
The only nationally recognized classroom, which
runs as a business,
is profitable, fully
self-supporting, and
has won the NJSBA
2013 Innovations
in Special Education
Award for its curriculum, which
Lori created. This curriculum includes: occupational therapy, math, language arts, art, and teaches life skills.
The Eagle Greenery
The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers®
They seek to end drunk driving tragedies nationwide by promoting the use of safe and sober designated drivers. Their goal is simple: to register one million designated drivers and make having a designated driver be as automatic as wearing a seat belt.
School-to-Work Programs...
What Makes The Eagle Greenery So Different?
The Arts!
"The kid who's in the top of the class, who thinks
they can do everything, gets a little humbled
when they see that other kids can do things they can't.
And the kid who thinks they can't do anything,
all of a sudden, they're shining stars because
the teacher has found a thing they're good at,
and they can focus on that strength."


(formerly known as STEM)
—Georgette Yakman
Success Story
19 year old student successfully
transitions into the work force.

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HERO Campaign:
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