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CH 10 House Md Group Assesment

No description

Javier Martinez

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of CH 10 House Md Group Assesment

Force Team Forming Norming It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission Dr. Gregory House -
Head of the Diagnostics Team Dr. Eric Foreman -
Senior team member
Regarded as the most qualifed
Takes over the leadership role when House is not there

-Foreman: "Why are you riding me?"
-House: "It's what I do. Has it gotten worse lately?"
-Foreman: "Yeah. Seems to me"
-House: "Really? Well, that rules out the race thing 'cause you
were just as black last week" Dr. Robert Chase
Surgeon - performs most surgeries
Very religious
Eager to please his boss

-House (when Chase agrees with him): "... my lap dog agrees with me..." Dr. Remy Hadley AKA Thirteen
Only female
Has huntington's decesase
Is in a relationship with Foreman

-Thirteen: "You'll have to excuse Dr. House.
He mistakes immaturity for edginess" Dr. Chris Taub
Former plastic surgeon
Latest addtion to the team

-Taub: "Sane people don't attemp suicide"
-Thirteen: "Not ever? So if you're being burned at
the stake, and someone gave you a gun?"
-Taub: "I'd shoot the guys with the torches" Performing Storming Adjourning Self-Managed Work Team Formal Work Groups Command
Group Conformance to norms Compliance Identification Internalization Idiosyncrasy Credit Medical Hippocratic Oath Ethical and moral standards Hospital rules Dr. House expectations
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