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Copy of Literary Devices Used in "A Long Way Gone"

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Manisha Venkatesan

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Literary Devices Used in "A Long Way Gone"

Literary Devices
A Long Way Gone
"We didn't know that we were leaving home, never to return."
The cassettes.
Ishmael carries rap casettes with him for most of his journey. They are a huge symbol in the book. They represent the fact that he is carrying around a part of him while he struggles to stay alive. He shares his passion of rap music with everyone he meets on his trip.
``my conception of New York city came from rap music. I envisioned it as a place where people shot each other on the streets and people got away with it; no one walked on the streets, rather people drove in their sports cars looking for nightclubs and for violence. I really wasn`t looking forward to being somewhere this crazy. had had enough of that back home.``
Rising Action: When the war has already begun Ishmael has lost his brother and friends and is traveling alone. He faces a few small conflicts and handles them by himself. He then finds other people to travel with, they all went to his school.
At this point in the story, Ishmael, his brother, and their friends are heading to Mattaru Jong (another town in Sierra Leone) to perfrom rap at a talent show. They were leaving their home just for the day and that is when the war begins. This creates suspense and urges you to keep reading to find out what happens to them and why they never return.
Ishmael is going to New York to talk about his experiences in Sierra Leone during the war. It`s ironic that he is under the impression that New York is terribly dangerous; that people go around shooting everyone. He has only just recently left the war where he was the one shooting people.
Climax: Ishmael and his friends are taken to a village. They know that the rebels are on their way and have the choice to run away and get killed or to fight them. They begin training for the war. They are given many different drugs so they don`t have to deal with their emotions and can handle killing others. They fight for several months.
Falling Action: Ishmael gets rescued by Unicef( although he doesn`t see it as rescuing). He is taken to a rehabilitation centre. At first he hates it there and is going through withdrawal, later on though, he gets better. He establishes a friendship with one of the nurses at the centre. He finds out he has an uncle and goes to live with him.
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