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Pomona Unified School District

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Amanda Abruzzini

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Pomona Unified School District

School District History
School District History
-By 1895, there were 1400 students

-1903: First separate high school was built-Pomona High School
-1909-Garey High School was built

-1916 Junior College curriculum was offered to high school students until the establishment of Mount Sac in 1946.

-In 1953, the Pomona Unified School District uniting Pomona High School District, Pomona Elementary School District and Sparda District

-Between 1927-1980, 33 of the current 46 schools were built

-Today PUSD serves 30,000 students

School District Development
LS 459
School District History
Pomona Unified School District
-Ygnacio Palomares built his home and called it "Adobe de Palomares".

-The initial education of students took place in a a room of the adobe.

-The educators were from the San Gabriel Mission.

-The amount of students grew and soon Mrs. Palomares, one of the teachers, help in the building of a new school house and called it Casa Alvarado.

-The Palomares District emerged in 1870.

-By 1871, they were the first to offer English and Spanish education.

-The growing community called for the building of another school so in 1871, Central School was built.

-In 1888, Palomares District became Pomona District when the when Pomona became an official city.

-At this point, the school district provided education to over 648 students

-Pomona District established a high school in 1889,

-By 1893, the first students to graduate received their diplomas

Pomona Unified School District Today
Elementary - 28
Middle - 4
High School - 7
Other - 5
27, 186
School Pychologyist-Martha Ezparza
Educator-Stella Navarro
Dramatic Reading
Pomona High School Fire
May 14, 1956
History of Pomona Through Education
Pomona Unified School District
San Jose School District
Palomares School District
Pomona City School District
Spadra Elementary School District
The Valley of Pomona was originally occupied by the Tongva people. Until the arrival of Spaniards 1769.

Spaniards Established Mission San Gabriel in 1776.
Elementary -
Middle -
High School -
Mission and Vision
Community Involvement
Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821.
Don Ygnacio Palomares and Don Ricardo Vejar where granted Rancho San Jose (15,000 acres) in 1837.
Palomares established in San Jose De Arriba (present day Fairgrounds). Vejar established in San Jose De Abajo (present day Cal-Poly Pomona)
Provides a well-rounded and challenging educational program Empowering students to lead productive, fulfilling lives.
Foundation of integrity and respect.
Students will gain academic excellence and take personal and community pride as responsible citizens and productive participants.
La Familia Palomares
Student Programs
Harvey Mudd College Homework Hot line
Free help with math and science homework
The Learning Connection (TLC)
After school enrichment program
District Testing Scores
Ygnacio Palomares built the adobe called La Casa Primera in 1837. Ygnacio and his family lived there for 17 yrs.
Ygnacio's son Francisco Palomares moved in with his family and lived there till Francisco's Death in 1882. Francisco also founded the San Jose School Distict in 1850.
La Casa Alvarado was also built by Ygnacio
Palomares in 1840. It was built large enough
to hold religious services. Once San Jose
School district was established, in 1850 Casa
Alvarado served as the areas first public school taught by Francisco's sister Josefa Palomares-Arenas.
Service Learning
Seal of Service is presented to students who show exceptional service to their community.
PUSD promotes community service that is integrated into classroom learning.
JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps)
Teaches community leadership and and importance of citizenship.
"To motivate students to be better citizens."
The San Jose School District served Pomona, Spadra, Claremont, La Verne, San Dimas, and Walnut.
Adobe de Palomares
Ygnacio Palomares built Adobe de Palomares in 1955. The adobe was built in T-formation and consisted with 13 rooms. The began to hold classes at the Adobe with the guidance of Josefa.
In 1870 the San Jose School District became the Palomares School District.
Over the Last 20 years, the School Districts has seen three educational waves:
-Whole Language Approach
-California Standards
-Common Core
Rancho San Jose de Abajo
Rancho Vejar did well under Mexican Rule
After Statehood in 1850, the area was heavily taxed.
Vejar lost a major part of his Ranch in 1863 due to financial hardships.
The Village that Died
Louis Phillips bought the land Vajar lost to the bank in 1966.
Phillips began to sell small sections of land for people to establish small farms.
Phillips sold 100 acres to William Rubottom to establish a hotel.
When the U.S. Post Office was established William Rubottom named the community Spadra in 1870.
Louis Phillips
Spadra School
Built in 1876 by the Palomares School District.
Being close to the Railroad Spadra thrived for many years.
The development of Pomona and the extension of the Railroad led to the demise of Spadra.
Spadra was annexed to Pomona in 1955
Spadra was important to Pomona History because it founded the transition period form a Hispanic influence to the more American influence.
All that remains of Spadra is Phillips Mansion and the hidden Spadra cementary.
Pomona was rich in agriculture and thrived in citrus production.
Effective railroad system.
In 1888, Pomona was declared a city.
Palomares School District became the Pomona City School District.
What did you learn about PUSD?
Percent of students who tested proficient or advanced.
Percent of students who tested proficient or advanced.
On a scale of 200-1,000
PUSD Achievements
Formula for student success:
Presidential Visit
Village Academy High School and Diamond Ranch High School named in top 500 high school by U.S. News & World Report
California Distinguished Schools:
Cortez Mathematics and Science Magnet School Ranch Hills Elementary
Village Academy High School
Diamond Ranch High School
Title 1 Academic Achievement:
Village Academy High School
San Jose Elementary
Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary
Alcott Elementary
1 in every 5 teachers is a PUSD Alumni (20%)
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