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Simply Missions

It's an idea!

Reylourd Reyes

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Simply Missions

More ideas!
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
The Simple Purpose:Making urban missionaries for Metro ManilaThe Simple Mission:Sharing the Gospel by living it.
But in all actuality that is not the real deal of the great commission, to “go into all the world and make disciples...” does not exclude where you are right now.
More about
the IDEA!
The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us.
This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu. I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and
Travels to Clients
Simply Missions take the challenge to live the Gospel as one’s lifestyle. Not just serving to preach, but to preach in serving others.
The idea of Simply Missions is to engage the younger generation in finding their purpose and passions. Everyone has a called purpose to do here on earth (Matt 6:10), yet we sometimes go off mission because of the distractions the world brings to us.
How do we implement?
What does Simply Missions have to offer?
Simply Missions want to focus on the people whom Jesus is missing; reaching out to them in the simplest way through the simple idea of bringing hope by showing Jesus’ love.
in a nutshell...
The idea of Simply Missions is not just about a class, workshop or training module, it is not about becoming a missionary or an evangelist.
It is about projecting the context of Jesus’ mission, attitude, agenda and mindset into our lifestyles without barriers such as work, religion or culture.
For generations Christians have contextualized and defined missions as the job of someone who chooses a primitive lifestyle in a distant and foreign place to preach the Gospel to the “lost” people.
The Simple Idea:
In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus radically challenges the first century Jewish beliefs and culture by saying that a neighbor can be anyone, not just literally the person who lives next door or your fellow Church member.
The CAFE Life provide space and opportunities for young adults to socialize, explore issues, and grow in their personal and professional lives. The ‘café’ part of our name is more about the concept of meeting together and chatting about things over a cup of latte.We are open to everyone, regardless of faith or ethnicity. All are welcome to share their views, respectful of the perspectives of others.
Where do we meet?
Our meetings vary every week. We offer the following Life Group modules:
What happens?
Moments NightA gathering held every 1st week of the month. Focuses on meaningful, remarkable and life-changing moments.Mp3 NightBlended with rhythm and melody, this meeting is highlighted with a powerful and relevant Christian song. A time to exchange individual inspiration out of the song.Movie NightAn insightful night of sharing about a theme of the week, movies that emphasize and deal with common life-issues.Mingle NightA night set to make an impact within the community and an opportunity to bring joy and comfort to people in simple and creative ways.
The AimThe main aim of CAFE Life Groups is to be both fun and thought-provoking. It has a social function and is a great place to make new friends. It also aims to help people grow in their personal and professional lives by thinking through certain issues in a relaxed atmosphere.
CAFE Life Groups’ regular meetingplace has been Starbucks. We don’t own or run this café, but we consider it as a common place. We are a network, not a physical place. Most of our events are held in common places, but we are aiming to be visible in every Starbucks all over Metro Manila and soon all over the Philippines.
Is it only for Metro Manila residents and for professionals?CAFE Life Groups are not only for NCR residents and professionals, we are open to everyone. However, our focus and network are influenced by urbanites and professional individuals.
What do we mean by ‘young adults’?CAFE Life Group’s style and focus is generally on people in their twenties and thirties. This helps us to be relevant by not trying to cater to a very wide age range. However, if you’re older or younger and enjoy the events you’re welcome to come.
Is it mainly for Christians?CAFE Life Groups are shaped by their background as a network of young followers of Christ. However, events and meetings are open to everyone, of all faiths and none. Small group discussion is a key part of many of our events, where all are welcome to share their views and ask questions. We ask everyone to be respectful of the perspective of others – we want to encourage friendly (lively) conversations, not heated debates!
When does CAFE Life Groups' meetings take place and how often?Presently, there are 12 CAFE Life Groups meeting weekly.
Is CAFE Life Group free to attend?There is a nominal contribution to attend CAFE Life Group meetings. This is to cover the unique and creative material that we use for discussion and to help raise funds for the monthly mission night. For these you get a blend of thought-provoking conversations and good company for free!
Our ultimate driving force is "missions"
Our vehicle is authenticity through "life groups"
Our tools are
(Cubao,North Edsa,Makati,Marikina,Ortigas,Global City,Manila,MOA,Harbor Square,Tayuman,Bulacan,Angeles City)
CAFE Life One-to-One
CAFE Life Online
CAFE Life Center
-an opportunity for you to share CAFE Life modules on a personal approach.
"Building Boundless Communities"
A place where we hold common events such as CAFE Nights and Life Development Events
life Development events & EPIC Weekends.
Experience…-Appreciate a trip not only for its beauty or for the different destinations. Experience doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. This will be a one of a kind road trip, a meaningful getaway like no other.Participation…-Enjoy fun and thought-provoking activities. Get to know your travel buddies and delight in sensible discussions with an open atmosphere. Revisit your life and discover your ultimate purpose.Images…-See how different people and places speak to you and reminisce significant events in your life. Uncover the meaning of beautiful sites and reflect on the goodness of the Almighty One Connections…-Build up lifelong friendship. Observe people of different walks of life and embrace various cultures. Have the opportunity to connect and be of service to them in simplest ways.
Have you ever asked yourself if the way you live your life is best for your growth? Would you like to move forward and find out how to live your life to its fullest potential? Then Life Development events are probably just right for you. The CAFE Life aims to not only provide a space for young adults to socialise and explore issues in life together but also to provide opportunities for them to grow both in their professional and personal lives. Life Development Events offer series of trainings, seminars, and workshops that will enhance the quality of life that each individual lives. These events cover the complete aspects of life such as emotional, physical, mental, and even the spiritual side.
it's an IDEA!
Partners & Affiliates
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