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A Hero's Journey: Coraline

No description

Miranda Vu

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Coraline

Ordinary World
Coraline Jones moves into the Pink Palace with her mom and dad
During the exposition, it's made evident that Coraline's parents neglect her
She is very closed minded towards her neighbors who also live in the Pink Palace
She meets a boy named Wybie and his cat
Later, Wybie gives Coraline a doll that looks exactly like her
Call to Adventure
Coraline is called to adventure when she discovers a small, peculiar door in one of the rooms in her new home
She goes through the door and visits the "other world" 3 times; each time, she's introduced to aspects of her life that seem to be better than her reality
of the
During her third visit to the other world, her other parents give her a proposition. She can stay in the other world with them forever if she sews buttons into her eyes
She refuses and tries to escape by leaving the Pink Palace, but fails
The other mother gets angry at Coraline and traps her in a secret room. There, she meets three ghost children who were the other mother's first three victims. They explain how the other mother, also known as the Beldam, has stolen their eyes and trapped their souls
Then, with the Wybie's help, she escapes through the small door back to her reality
There she realizes that the other mother has taken her real parents in an attempt to get her to come back to the other world
Meeting the mentor
As she leaves the pink palace in her first attempt to escape her other parents, she meets her mentor, the old black cat. The black cat can talk, and unlike everyone else in this magical world, he doesn't have button eyes. He explains the other mother's true intentions. The Beldam wishes to keep her, love her, and then eat her soul and her life
Crossing the Threshold
After Coraline realizes her real parents have been abducted, she gathers her supplies and prepares to enter the other world one last time
When she enters the other world, the Beldam is waiting for her. She snatches Coraline's one and only key to the door and swallows it
Then, Coraline challenges her to a game. She must find her parents and the eyes of the three ghost children in order to get back home
tests, allies, and enemies
During her quest to find the eyes and her parents, she encounters three monsters that are meant to prevent her from finding the ghost eyes. All three obstacles lie in the once magnificent wonders the Beldam created to seduce Coraline into staying
First, she faces a disturbing, morphed version of her other father in the garden. Then, she is confronted by monstrous versions of her neighbors, Ms. Spink and Forcible, in the theater. She succeeds with a bit of struggle during the first two trials. However, during the final test, she faces a horrific mix of Mr. Bobinsky and his circus rats. The rats manage to make off with the eyes, and Coraline feels defeated and begins to cry. That was until the black cat returns with the rat in his mouth and the eye on the floor.
Approach to the Innermost Cave
Coraline returns to the room with the small door to look for her parents. The Beldam is waiting for her here
Coraline devises a trick to get the Beldam to open the door by saying her parents are in the tunnel. She does this because she knows that even if she wins, the Beldam won't let her leave.
Coraline begins to hear her parents silent cries for help coming from a snow globe. Once the other mother realizes Coraline was wrong about where her parents were, she comes after her. Coraline throws the black cat at her and has it blind her by tearing her button eyes out
The ordeal
Blinded, the Beldam is angered and magically transforms the room into a giant spider web
Coraline races to climb up the web to the open door as the blind Beldam frantically chases her
Coraline just barely makes it to the door, grabs the key, climbs into the tunnel, and tries to close and lock the door. However, the Beldam reaches her hand in as a final attempt to take Coraline back, and Coraline breaks off the hand as she closes and locks the door
A Hero's Journey
Refusal to the Call
The Reward
Coraline returns to her home and sees that one of her snow globes on the mantle are broken. Her parents have escaped, and they're back. She greets them with relief, admiration, and appreciation
That night, she places the three ghost eyes under pillow in hopes that their souls would be freed
After she realizes she's still in danger, she sneaks out of her house to go to a bottomless well where she plans to drop the key, but the Beldam's hand that came off during the struggle managed to make it to the real world.
There's a final battle as Coraline approaches the well. The hand pounces at her and attempts to drag her back to the palace. Miraculously, Wybie comes to the rescue and manages to break the metallic claw, and they drop the key and the remains of the broken claw into the well
The Resurrection
Return with the Elixir
After the adventure she had been on, she returns to her reality with a whole new appreciation for the people around her
She has a garden party the next day and invites the neighbors she had originally misjudged
THe Road Back
That night, in her dreams she sees the three ghost children whose souls shes freed, and they warn her that as long as the key still exists, the Beldam could still come after her
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