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Colonial Occupation: Tailor

Heres an inside look on my colonial occupation.

Mara Bastin

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Occupation: Tailor

Tailors made clothing for other colonists in colonial times. A Tailor A colonial tailor would need to measure the customers body in order to make sure it fit perfectly. Anyone in the colony could be the tailors customer. A better look at a Tailor A tailor would use scissors, a needle, thread, cloth, and many other tools. A tailor made clothes for everyone from the rich, to the poor field slaves. The only difference between the rich and poor (and all the people in the middle,) was the quality of the fabric. There was less difference in the quality of HOW they made it than how good the fabric was. Fabric Made the difference. I would want this job because ever since I was little, I always wanted to be able to sew, and be able to make my own clothes. Would I want this job? People underestimate tailors just because they make making clothes look easy. They have to sew together fabrics, but if they just sew the fabrics together just ANYWHERE, it will look bad. They have to make sure it is perfect so the customer is happy. Is this job difficult? 1. Sew
2. Fabric 2 Vocab words Tailors were very important in colonial times. If people had to love without them, people would have to walk around.. well, they would either have holes in their clothes, or be nude. Their job was super hard, but I would imagine it would be fun too. Summary
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