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Jaws of Life

No description

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Jaws of Life

Jaws of Life
What is it?
The Jaws of Life is a hydralic (meaning force is being applied to a liquid) rescue tool that is used to pry apart wrecked vehicles in order to free people that is trapped inside.

This tool is powered by a hydralic pump.

-‘Jaws of Life’ was used to free a dog who was trapped between metal storage containers.

-Since the jaws of life is very strong, we can use the it to create gaps in fallen buildings to rescue people.

-This can become an important and life saving tool
What liquids are used?
-phosphate-ester fluid, it is a kind of incompressible fluid( a fluid that is at its maximum density
-it is fire resistant and electrically non-conductive, so at a crash scene, this type of synthetic fluid is favored over conventional oil
-uses about 1 quart of hydraulic fluid.
-phosphate-ester fluid it does the same as oil but it is fire resistant and will not conduct electrical current.
How does it work?
By: Brian, Susan, Hattie
How does it effect our life? Good or bad
It uses cutter, rams, spreader, and airbags.
Used to cut open vehicles
Used to free passengers.
Used to spread parts of vehicles
Used to life heavy objects.
It uses fluids and pressure to operate.
How we can use it in another way?

• Good
• Help save life’s
• Emergency personnel
• Jaws of life
• First use
• Single or double
• Quiet
• The different designs

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