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WPC 101 Presentation

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on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of WPC 101 Presentation

WPC 101 Presentation
By: Zoran, Sean, and Leandra

Interview Prep
good to know the proper way to do and format things
cover letters, resumes, interview questions
it's important to not only have these skills, but to be comfortable with them
Lecture Speakers
gives more "real world" advice and detailed information to a variety of topics
gives us more perspectives from outside the WPC classroom
Study Abrod Information
one of the most sought after experiences from college in general
it's helpful to know how to fund such a large trip
Professional Communication
proper communication should be a minimum
could help secure internships and other opportunities as this can effect your impression on people
will help in communication with professors as well
WPC 101 Bonus?
Most students would enjoy and benefit from some sort of company visit.

This experience will not only connect employers open to possible internships, but expose students to different types of office life.
Campus Resources
It's nice to know where to get help and when
Convenient to know where free printing is
easier to know how to get around campus if you know the basics
5 Most Relevant Topic to WPC 101
- Campus Resources

- Interview Prep

- Lecture Speakers

- Study Abroad Information

- Professional Communication
take 18 credits if possible
go to as many optional faculty or ASU events
join a club! (even if only for a semester)
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