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An introduction to Microsoft SharePoint.

Amy Benstead

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of SharePoint

Emma is at work and is about to start a project
Consider the following scenario:
Various meetings are then set up and arranged around availability.
After a number of weeks of numerous calls, emails, and meetings the following situation arises:
Emma gathers all the team involved in the project after having had to contact all members verbally and via email, establish when everyone is free, clarify the documents everyone needs to have approved beforehand.
Multiple emails and other forms of communication takes place, including telephone calls.
Then comes the important documents and reports, these are passed back and fourth on multiple occasions through various forms of communication often becoming lost, misplaced, or forgotton about. Finally archived away untill they are manually deleted or removed after all document storage space has met its limit
Firstly people can become confused due to a high volume of emails clogging up their accounts, trying to find the relevant emails can become difficult and time consuming.
Amy is never sure if she has the latest version of the relevant document.
Secondly, it is almost impossible for her to carry out real time monitoring of the project.
Everything is distributed on various computers and
Each member of the project has different information depending on who they have communicated with most recently.
Even knowing that facts about this project can potentially effect other projects there is no way to connect them together, separate projects are like islands with no way to connect!
Taking full advantage of the developed features in Sharepoint can allow us to remove the suffering of lack of communication and collaboration.
Amy is at work and is about to start a project..
To gather all the relevant team members she turns to Sharepoint.
Now imagine this scenario:
Any documents can then be stored within Sharepoint at the source of the project. Only the latest versions can be set to show and multiple users can work on any one document at one time.
Team members can also share their calendar on Sharepoint which will display whether or not they are available to easily organize meetings online.
Amy creates a list of the tasks to carry out the project, assigns one or more to the responsible members, adds a status, due by dates, etc..
Amy realises she needs documents from other projects or a different department, therefore she can easily go into the search engine on the site and access the appropriate files and link them directly the the project page.
The same applies to information such as contacts, sales data, inventory data, etc..
Instead of having islands seperate within the company, Sharepoint creates a home where not only these islands are connected but allows the company to see the whole work flow as one big picture.
Project Pages
Software and content
Search & Meta data
Live visual


Multiple members across all sites can together on one document, project page, or can communicate quickly and effectively sharing and viewing documents where required.
Management ask for all expenditure information for all Bakkavor departments.
Imagine the following scenario:
Finance then goes ahead and asks for this information from all functions and sites:
New Product Development
Information Sysytems
The information needs to therefore be consolidated from various departments into one format and ll the detailed excel settings then would need to be applied.
Sales department reporting system generates the sales information to Excel format, this is then sent via Outlook.
All of these various formats of information then need to be collaborated into one final balance sheet and various macro's and filtering systems need to be applied to allow for access to information.
Marketing department submits their data in Microsoft format.
Accounts receivable analyzes all company bank statements and cross checks these against sales records to identify finance department expenditure.
...and finally screenshots may need to be created in order to present this data in a nice powerpoint presentation.
Management then request for additional information based on what they recieved as some of the data is unclear or has become corrupted.
It is detected that 10% of the data did not make sense due to capture errors and consistent manipulation of information throughout the gathering process.
The information and work then needs to be duplicated, corrected, reformatted, and then submitted again.
Management has a delay in recieving the requested data.
Business decisions are then delayed.
Now imagine this scenario:
Management then identifies some indicators that are of a concern, this detail can be "opened" to show the detail of this and a report of transactions can be generated online that show make up this indicator. An alert can then be triggered that is automatically sent to the department responsible for monitoring of these figures.
The chosen reciever of the alert can then respond to the notification in the same way, attaching supporting documents in the SharePoint library and detailing some clarifications and reasons to support that data.
Management ask for all expenditure information for all Bakkavor departments.
To do this all they would need to do is enter the corporate SharePoint Projects portal and click the hyperlink that is fed each day by the different areas of the company.
Management can then be informed quickly and effectively and has a live visual overview of all areas of the business, and add an alert to be automatically notified if this indicator gets out of control at any other point.
Office web apps
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