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Teen Moms

Oral Presentation

Liliana Sarabia

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Teen Moms

4. Physical activities.
Being healthy does not only mean to have a good mental health, it also means to be physically well. We want the best for our little girls, that´s why every three days a week they all have the opportunity to choose between different sports that are more likely to be games.
5. Handicraft.
Besides the physical and school activities, girls need to be involved in another kind of leisure activity. This helps them to forget about their problems, achieve goals and get distracted from their daily lives. The handicraft involves art and music. Girls have the opportunity to paint, hatch, work with recyclable things, play instruments, cook, make scrapbooks, and handicrafts. There’s one teacher for each of these, and there’s no limit of girl in the groups.
6. Monthly gynecologist consults.
Deeply inside we are wide aware how this is not an accurate option for many woman, but it is necessary. A monthly visit to the gynecologist is required for the girls to stay in our community. We do this for the girls health because we want to be sure they don’t have any sexually transmitted disease or in other cases to prevent it. Our main goal for the teen moms to do this monthly visit is that we can preserve the gynecological health in every girl.
1. School tutoring.
It is known that school sometimes is hard, so it must be harder to keep up in school while the teenager is having a baby. This is what school tutoring is about It is a regular activity that helps teen moms in their school homework and subjects in order to get better grades. We don't want girls to drop out the high school, that's the main reason of this class, to make it easy for them and make them want to study.
2. Baby Cares.
Part of the education we offer is the special cares all moms have to give to their child, since how to change their diaper to the easiest way to put your loving kid to sleep. As a community we demand your daily attendance for at least one hour, not only for your baby, but for yourself.
. Weekly psychology Consult.
A lot of girls suffer psychological problems during pregnancy; inner problems, family problems and society problems, that’s why this is a very important activity for the girls to take. The psychologist evaluates her process, and if the girl improves she reduces her consulting time; on the contrary, if she needs more help the consulting time will be more. All the stuff and problems they say in consult are totally private.

Monica González

Montse López

Perfect Community
Sixteen, Pregnant and Progressing
Principal Members:
A Special Place for them
"We want you to feel better than at home"
Physical Description
1. Mothers should take care of their own babies and assist to her classes always, while they are in class they are supposed to let their babies in the care center, located in the middle of the campus.

2. Mothers need to attend at least 80% of her classes each period. If they don’t, they will received a warn that they could be expelled from the campus.

3. They are allowed to have visits during weekends, if and only if these visits do not interrupt their weekend activities.
4. Mothers are not allowed to leave the campus after 10 pm o’ clock.

5. Mothers of the campus are not allowed to drink alcohol or do drugs, if any student is surprised while practicing these activities it will cause an immediate ejection of the campus.

6. Mothers need to be respectful to their teachers always and responsible with their other activities.

7. To teen moms with a child. A mother is allowed to stay in her room and be absent to class in case her baby is sick; the baby will receive medical attention and a nurse will be assigned to the mother to provide help.

Sixteen, Pregnant and Progressing
We are not only looking forward having a nice and elegant place, we make our site to be a safe space for babies.
Medical Areas
Health is the most important thing for a person to be physically and emotionally active, that's why we have a bunch of great services because we care about yours and your son's too.
Meeting rooms
Rest area
It is important for us that your mind and body are all on the same page. For children we have the Children's Place and for moms we have the Red Boot.
A place in paradise
"Gymboree" a gym for babies
Is a place where children from 0-5 years old are early stimulated, they need to firm up their little muscles. In this site they learn to crawl and walk
Cooking time!
At the end of the day...a place to rest!
Spaces for recreation
The gym and pilates class:
Every single mom should know how to cook...here we give cooking classes. from simple dishes to fancy plates that could be served in a five star restaurant.
All moms must work out in order to be healthy.
We count with the best restaurants in the city. It's important that moms learn to socialize and enjoy what they have and what they do.
Medical studies rooms
It's a 3 hectare area where moms have the opportunity to enjoy time with nature and also be surrounded by great views as lakes and bridges
In these kind of spaces,moms will be able to have meetings with specialists, doctors and experts in which it will have different topics.
In this association we care about the mom's health, that's why we have medical support for you so you can perform your daily activities with full certainty that you will be in great state.
Monica González
Valeria Macedo
Montserrat Robles
Montserrat López
Agustin Navarro

Our Community
We are an institution, which has an international level that provides protection and development to teen moms as well as giving education to the new generations in order to improve the girls’ life quality as much as her sons who deserve a worthy life, avoiding abortion and abandon.

Their functions:
Valeria Macedo

Montserrat Robles

Agustin Navarro

Academic Principal
Managing Director
Legal authority
Doctor/Medical Director
Activities Coordinator/psychologist
Our goal:
Being a global institution that can make a huge difference in society creating benefits for family integration and also to give better opportunities for teen moms and their children.
Our institution gives academic, economic, medical and social resources to teen moms that don't have support. We take care of them in order to raise their life quality with different activities we have.
What we do?
Our life depend on the decisions that we make, and on how we decide to work on our life since that point. In this case, it's important to understand the others, like how they feel and what they are looking forward to, so we can help them have a better life.
Being a teen mom is a big deal, and it's important to comprehend their reality to give the most we can to help. That's the main reason we create this foundation, thanks to the lack of support from the society, girls in this situation found it harder to adapt and even to live. That's when we show up; to protect, love, care and look up for them.
Scrapbook center
create big ideas!
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