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Owen H.

No description

theresa Sauer

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Owen H.

Owen H.
1 it can burn you badly and kill you. 2Electrons can interfere with your heart and make it beat incorrectly or not at all 3 muscles tighten up making it almost impossible pull away from the circuit 1 if you climb a tree power line will electricity cute will go through you and you can be hurt very badly .2And you can be hart badly even can kill you .3never climb in to or blug in a tree 3DON'T PLUG A bunch of stuff into one outlet extension 2don't yank a electrical card from a wall.3keep electrical stuff far away from water 4bedrooms are plug are safe bedrooms electrical away from water bathroom plug are safe BATHROOM electrical is away from water family room plug are safe electical away from water competer room plug are safe electrical away from water living room plug are safe electrical away from wqter safe
Nonrenewable and renewable resources can be used to create electricity. Wind,geothermal,solar and radiant energy all can be used to create electricity. A way to produce electricity is by hydropower, a process that generates electricity by using water to spin turbines attached to generators. The energy that is generated from splitting atoms of radioactive materials, such as uranium. Natural gas is flammable gas consisting a large amount of methane and other hydrocarbons. It can be forced into machines that turned it into energy. Coal-a solid fuel found in the earth. Oil-a liquid fuel found deep in the earth.Gasoline and some plastics are made from oil. Fossil fuels-fuels formed in the ground the remains of dead animals. Some energy sources can catch a tree on fire. Also they can zap from power plants to your home.
Insulators affect the way electricity flows because if there is rubber in the middle of a wire electricity can not flow through the rubber.
There are 2 types of electricity static and current. Static electricity stays in 1 place current electricity moves it does not stay in one place.

In the early 1800s, Michael Faraday discovered "electromagnetic induction", which is the scientific way of saying that if he moved a magnet through a loop of wire, the wire would become magnetic.
Inside the generator, the steam spins a big fan called a turbine. The spinning turbine rotates a big magnet around a piece of wire and that motion creates a magnetic field that electrifies that wire.

When a potential is applied it places an electrostatic pressure on the electrons in the conductor. Similar to taking 2 magnets and putting their poles together.
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