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SoCal Esports Sponsorship Deck

2013 Update

Christofer Larson

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of SoCal Esports Sponsorship Deck

SoCal eSports - 2013 SoCal eSports Sponsorship Deck www.socalesports.com Founded in 2011, SoCal eSports is an organization that was created to help organize, promote, and grow video game communities in Southern California. Through its members’ passion for competition, SoCal eSports has helped the local community to foster a professional and amateur competitive scene and holds live spectator events for both players and fans. Consistently averaging over 200+ people per day, for 3 days, peaking at 450+ in a just a single day. We Focus on Live Events Barcraft
Tournaments Over 450+
Spectators Pubstomp A BarCraft for every Esport Tournaments Sponsor Exposure How we plan to promote your Brand Social Media WWW.SOCALESPORTS.COM Our Homepage Live Events Banners Custom Menus/Flyers Product Display Direct Contact with your
Target Audience Why SoCal eSports? We have a consistent, hands-on approach to getting your brand directly to your consumer market. We have helped other companies greatly increase their exposure to their target audience by providing hyper-focused and exciting live events.
We both wish for growth, together we can make it happen. Contact Information caleb@socalesports.com chris@socalesports.com Please view in Full Screen for Optimal Presentation Attracts industry leaders and the attention of the world 500+ Unique Attendants 397 Followers! 933 and growing! Every Post Makes Front Page! We craft each post specifically to gain the right attention to make the front page. r/gaming has 2,243,906 subscribers
r/dota2 has 46,000 subscribers
r/starcraft has 120,000 subscribers
r/leagueoflegends has 168,000 subscribers
r/halo has 36,000 subscribers This means BIG EXPOSURE for you! Branded Give Aways Contests + SoCal BarCraft Facebook Group - 800+ Members On Screen Ads Our Largest Event To Date Over 700 Fans! 40,000 Concurrent Viewers! Over $21,000 In Prize Money! Announcements! Irvine,CA Los Angeles, CA 75+ Avg
Spectators Over 100+
Spectators SoCal LoL Facebook Group - 220+ Members SoCal DotA Facebook Group - 115+ Members SoCal Halo Facebook Group - 75+ Members
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