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The wool industry

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of The wool industry

The wool industry
By Estella Gastaldon

What did John Macarthur do over the years
He became the largest sheep career in the colony, and made a fourtune exporting merino wool. On October 1788 John Marcarthur married a lady named Elizabeth Marcarthur and she was born on August the 14th 1766 in Devon, United Kingdom and died on Febuary the 9th 1850 in Watsons bay

Thank you
For Listening
Who invented the wool industry
The wool industry was founded by John Macarthur in 1796. John Macarthur was born in Plymouth United States in 1767 and died on the 11 of April 1834.
What did John Macarthur do in his Career
John Macarthur began his career in the army and then became part of the New South Wales corps in 1789. John Marcarthur got involved in rearing sheep for mutton purchasing his flock in 1795. He also purchased a small flock of spanish merino, imported from the cape colony and part of the later South Africa in 1797.
What effect does the wool industry have for Australia's today
Created an industry where by jobs were formed and money has poured into our economy. Australia is well
knowen world wide for a quality wool product.
Why do you think the wool industry is important in our Australian history
It was important to Australia because the wool industry was famous around Australia and people from other countries wanted wool for a useful product for the clothing industry. It was also important to Australia because Australia exported merino wool to other countries around the world.
More about John Macarthur's career
On a trip back to London he lobbied about more land, and succeded of being granted 5000 acers of the best posture land in New South Wales.
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