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Diana Madera

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of inventors

J.L. Love Diana Madera Why did J.L. Love Invented it? Is this Invention still use TODAY Picture Picture J.L. Love Background Sources J.L. Love John Lee Love's invention was a very simple and portable pencil sharpener, and improved plasterer's hawk. He was most known for his creation of portable pencil sharpener.
It was designed so that the shavings would stay inside the sharpener. He developed the pencil sharpener out of the frustration involved in having to perform the repetitive task of having to stop writing notes or letters and pull out his knife to whittle his pencil to a point again. The pencil sharpener is still use today but not that often because they invented led pencils. John Lee Love was an African American inventor born on September 26, 1889 in Fall River, Massachusetts. He invented the pencil sharpen that you put the pencil in the the open end and rotate it with your hand. The shavings were designed to stay inside and could be used as a paper weight. He died in a car train crash on December 26, 1931 http://inventors.about.com/od/lstartinventors/a/John_Lee_Love.htm
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