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Four Interview tips

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kendall chodnicki

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Four Interview tips

There are many different ways to conduct an interview. Here are four tips to maximize the success of your interview!
Be smooth! If you are awkward, the interview will be awkward. Ask questions, but make conversation as well. Also, think about your next move. Don't be choppy. Flow smoothly from question to question. Be natural.
Be Annoying
It's okay to repeat questions to find out what you need to know. Don't be aggressive, but its okay to be persistant. Persistant, but polite.
Awkward Silence
Endure the awkward silence! Don't try to cover it up or talk through it. Just be patient and wait it out. Sometimes the subject will elaborate or say more during this time of thought.
Make sure you choose a good location. You want your subject to be comfortable. If they are uneasy nervous, it is less likely that they will give you the best interview. Conduct the interview in a place that they will be comfortable in, such as their work place or home, or a nice place that they will feel relaxed in.
four interviewing tips
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